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General requirements to kill LAW's?

I have 3 GUR's, and 2 UR's on my team.
I'm level 76.
I run a level 11 alliance of 13/15
80%+ of my comrades are level 160+
176 vitality
13 battle points

Is it possible for me to kill LAW's semi-efficiciently?
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Well just to start things of can i know what those cards are
Pixie is light, Kisaragi is passion, Dvir is cold, dark succubus is also cold and Ishikidore is passion.
Just a quick note Mirror Maiden does not work on Kisaragi if i'm not mistaken since she doesn't follow evolution system as she goes by the almagating one
You probably won't be able to kill LAW efficiently anytime soon
you definitely need a buffer for that and probably a unleasher it may not be the best but if you can do intermediate tower you should probably try to get oracle in love as it will help as to what a team should have

A Multi hitter something like kisaragi
A Buffer so you can hit the max or higher damage
Useful Skill to have are Awoken Burst so you can hit above 999999 if you can buff that much and unleasher so you can use the skills again
The other 3 depends on what you prefer or think you need but in general will be stuff to stop the boss in a way for etc

With enough buffs your Kisaragi 6 hits can each be 999999 so yeah she's useful

Atk down,Turn skip,Nullify are some of the option
It takes me 1-3 battle points for intermediate and Idk what awoken burst is. When my cards awaken they only hit up to 170k with special attacks.
that's when they "go purple", in this state they can deal more damage than damage cap (999 999)
So I would need a stat boosting card and one with the awaken burst skill to hit 999,999 or above? I've never gotten any cards with that skill before so Idk how it all works.
Luckily Charlotta has awoken burst skill and she’ll be added to premium summon at the end of this tower event so you can get her if the RNG gods bless you.
Lady RNG has has had her back turned to me so long I've forgotten her face. I hope so too, I bet she's a beauty.