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Recruiting Members for a new alliance!

Only rules are:
1. Play every 1-5 days (preferably daily)
2. Donate to the alliance/goddess worship every 1-3 days (also preferably daily)

There are no requirements other than the ability to kill arcwitches.
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Lol. I already have an alliance but the name and description are hilarious! xD I mean that in a good way
Thank you Friend ;p
Ahora tengo un problemita con la nueva versión del juego
I don't speak, what I think is Spanish?
Would you mind giving me your name? I'd like to be a part of an active alliance. Thank you
User ID: bkclk
Username: Ahegao
Alliance name: Hentai Haven

I hope I answered your question.
I requested alliance already. My nick is Wolfie so I hope I can be of use
Already accepted your request. With that I'm gonna get some sleep. Pulled an all nighter, whoops.