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• 2/15/2018

Deathless [DL] is Recruiting (28/30)

We are a level 25, balanced hall alliance with 28 out of 30 members. Merchant, Priest and Divine Priest 1 and 2 are shared.

We have both casual and ranking members. Our only requirement is that you're active. If you're inactive for 20 days without letting us know why, it's kick.

We don't trade FAW, just help out the newer members with theirs. New players are welcome. We'll help you grow stronger quickly and kill your FAW.

We have LAWK'S from all over the world and many LAW. AW events have been quieter lately, as several of our rankers are taking a break from the game. So players wanting to rank in AW events (whether new or old) are particularly welcome.

ABB is popular within our guild, with several of our casual players mostly playing that event. We usually get between 10 and 15 joining each battle, so if you could make 1 to 2 battles a day that would be great. We are predominantly f2p, but during ABB some of us rod a bit.

We have both line and discord chat and also communicate through ingame chat.

If you love Valkyrie Crusade and we sound like the right guild for you, contact me here or on line. My id is Peppakin. My ingame name is Sun●DL.
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• 2/20/2018
Full again for now.
• 3/1/2018
There's another spot free. Come join us.
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