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Ultimate Summon and Collaboration Questions

I have two questions about this game that keep recurring in my mind:

First of all, do you think ultimate summon is a scam? I understand that it’s not supposed to be like the guaranteed UR summon but I’ve literally done it hundreds of times and I have never gotten a single UR. Even in premium summon, I still managed to get 1 ur (peony).
I think SR chance summon would be a better name for ultimate summon because of how they fill it up with featured SRs to make it extremely hard to get URs on purpose. Sneaky Mynet

My second question is about the collaboration feature. What exactly is it and how come players aren’t allowed to do it? What’s the point of having a feature in a game if you can’t even use it?
I personally think Mynet should open up the collaboration feature to players. It would be really useful to new players as well as high players like me. Collaboration has so many jewel rewards that you could save those to get castle lvl 10 or to gamble in the cash summons if you feel lucky enough. Plus, who doesn’t want a legendary summon ticket?
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The Ultimate Summon is outdated. It resets the rate once a SR is pulled because SR was of the highest rarity when Ultimate Summon first became available. Also, consider the amount of cards in the current lineup (as of 19 Feb 2018, it has a total of 617 cards in its lineup: 213 R, 243 SR and 161 UR) and their individual summon rates. I personally had pulled only 3 URs there out of hundreds of USTs.

It's not that we're not allowed to do that feature. It is because there are no current collabs for the English VC so none is showing atm. There were only 2 collaborations (Legend of the Cryptids and Dream Girlfriend, both in year 2016, iirc) for the English locale of the game. Change your phone's language to Japanese and it will show the current collaborations available only to the Japanese language. But good luck since most of the collab games are restricted for Japan only.
I kind of figured that ultimate summon was outdated but I guess there’s nothing that can be done about that.

I did change my phone’s language to Japanese and went to the collaboration section. It had a banner that said Melty Maiden on it with a girl that looked like she’s from another game or something. You were right. Since I don’t live in Japan, I couldn’t do the collab.

Of course I changed the language back to English since I can’t speak Japanese lol
Every summon that isn't LR chance or doesn't have the word guaranteed in it is more or less a waste of gems and in my opinion, a scam. This game has the most expensive payments for minimal rewards (being jewels) as well as the lowest rates of getting anything useful from summons in any mobile game I've played. Save your jewels for leveling up buildings to max within your kingdom tbh.
The Ultimate Summon doesn't even involve jewels lmao. And getting those tickets is now a lot easier compared to how they were limited to maiden tickets and ranking rewards back then.
And here I thought you could but tickets with jewels, well that'll be fare for one on the short bus. Don't mind me.
Well, if you consider the tickets gained from reaching certain steps in some cash summons, then they are "bought", albeit indirectly. But we're talking about Ultimate Summon here and I don't remember UST as a reward for reaching some steps in summons. LR Chance/Legendary/Guaranteed UR, those yes, but not UST. And the tickets buyable directly by jewels were those in some packs (and I again, I had not seen UST in them).