I have two questions about this game that keep recurring in my mind:

First of all, do you think ultimate summon is a scam? I understand that it’s not supposed to be like the guaranteed UR summon but I’ve literally done it hundreds of times and I have never gotten a single UR. Even in premium summon, I still managed to get 1 ur (peony).
I think SR chance summon would be a better name for ultimate summon because of how they fill it up with featured SRs to make it extremely hard to get URs on purpose. Sneaky Mynet

My second question is about the collaboration feature. What exactly is it and how come players aren’t allowed to do it? What’s the point of having a feature in a game if you can’t even use it?
I personally think Mynet should open up the collaboration feature to players. It would be really useful to new players as well as high players like me. Collaboration has so many jewel rewards that you could save those to get castle lvl 10 or to gamble in the cash summons if you feel lucky enough. Plus, who doesn’t want a legendary summon ticket?