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• 2/19/2018

XR∮ Crossroads is recruiting towards LAW huting and ABB 26/30

XR? Crossroads is recruiting towards LAW huting and ABB 22/30
Crossroads has been around since 2015 and is mainly focused towards FAW/LAW hunt and as well AUB/ABB. The current goal of Crossroads is to provide a platform for players to be able to rank and improve, while staying competitive in ABB. But ultimately we just want to have fun playing this game, right?

Alliance info:

Alliance Rank: 25

Alliance Hall: lvl 20 Ether

Focus: Semi-Casual

What Can This Alliance Offer Me?
We have members who actively hunt LAWs and send FAWs every day.
LAWs die fast but don't always hit 10/10 so you'll be able to get in.
We play to win in ABB. We have members who will rod and attend all or most rounds.
We have a chat group on Line so we can stay connected and coordinate in ABB.
Optionally, add our tag "XR?" to your name. Yes, that is a contour integral sign. Interestingly enough, it's on the list of unicode characters VC will render.

What We Are Looking for in a Member
We want a certain amount of dedication out of our members. This means playing during every event - no matter what that play style may be.
Participation in ABB is a must! Should be able to participate in at least 2/4 ABB rounds. We're flexible with busy schedules.
Have the Line app, we use it for ABB and as an alternative method of communication.
Have decent attack and defence teams for ABB.
Inactivity may lead to dismissal.

How to Apply
If you're interested in joining an alliance without the pressure of a top alliance, and without the frustration of an inactive one, by all means, join us! You can either respond on this post or give me a PM on Line ID: mow89, and i will try to respond back as soon i'm aviable.
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• 2/19/2018
Are u still recruiting, cause ill like to join
• 3/22/2018
Bump recruiting again
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