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what best way to use jewel free player?

i am free player and now lv 80, i have workshop 3 total ,magic school lv3,yggdrasil*2 and lv9 castel but now seem card are use a lot deck cost what is best way to use jewel for me?
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I cant lv up law with my resource now its need huge gem or lv by battle slowly lving
LRs can only be upgraded with gems but I level LRs up through battle
I know u can use gem lv up but by battle its take time so long to max lv or how u battle to max it fast?
There is a trick you can use to quickly level up LRs. Make a new team just for leveling up card(s). In this team, make sure to have a card that says battle EXP up at least 200 or something along those lines, even better if you have two. These cards make the cards you want to lvl up level up even faster.

For instance, I have GSR Lirissa and her 2nd skill says battle exp +200 so I can use her in a level up team to level up the LRs that I want to level up faster.

You can use level up teams in duels, which will help you quickly lvl up your LRs.
Too bad i dont have any card that +exp more than100%
Duel is get lot exp?
100% is still good too and duels can give you a lot of exp, as well as higher levels in EH and tower
i have only 20% lol
Then, you should pray to RNGeseus that you get Athena from ultimate summon. At max level her skill increases battle exp by 80%. 80 plus 20 is 100 so 100% is still enough to increase LRs quite a bit, not as much as 200 though but its a start!

And sometimes the SRs in abb ring exchange have battle exp +200 as their awoken second skill so who knows? Maybe the next abb sr will have the second skill in gsr form and you can get a good EXP booster from there
Ok thx :D