Hello! I'm the leader of Which Witch.
At the end of ABB, I'll be clearing a lot of people and we'll be down to 23/30 (the lowest we have had in a long time!) so I'll be seeking new members.
At the moment, we have 29/30, and looking for an active person that will participate in the last 2-3 days of ABB!

We have Elemental Hall 20 (Balanced) at the moment, and get ~10 members per round.
We have a Discord (highly recommended that you join, we have a bot that goes off to warn the time) and everyone is nice and joyous!

We ask that you try to participate 2/4 rounds. We have LAWK (if you have trouble!) We are seeking members that will stay long-term and will participate to the fullest in ABB.

Thank you for your time!