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[Which Witch] Recruiting! 29/30 Elemental Hall 20 Balanced

Hello! I'm the leader of Which Witch.
At the end of ABB, I'll be clearing a lot of people and we'll be down to 23/30 (the lowest we have had in a long time!) so I'll be seeking new members.
At the moment, we have 29/30, and looking for an active person that will participate in the last 2-3 days of ABB!

We have Elemental Hall 20 (Balanced) at the moment, and get ~10 members per round.
We have a Discord (highly recommended that you join, we have a bot that goes off to warn the time) and everyone is nice and joyous!

We ask that you try to participate 2/4 rounds. We have LAWK (if you have trouble!) We are seeking members that will stay long-term and will participate to the fullest in ABB.

Thank you for your time!
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You can leave 24 hours after the last ABB round, which is about 2 days from now. I'll keep a spot open for you though!
ok ty , i will be back here when i am rdy
can you give me discord ?
Posted on your message wall~
Is there by any chance any room? Don't mind the alliance I'm in now. Nothing really special happens in there, so I'm leaving.
Yeah, we still have space!
Ok, keep me updated if by any chance there's no more room.
Is there still a slot free? I would like to join. Im a new player tho ~lvl 26
Are there still any slot available?
Invited you!