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See also: Evolution & Amalgamation
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Merge two or more units to form a brand new unit.

Tip: If you amalgamate using max level base units, you will gain an additional 5% bonus stats to your new unit.

See the Event Exclusive Amalgamations page for event specific amalgamations

Barbarian (N)
Amalg cross Lycaon
Lycaon (N)
Amalg equal Berserker
Berserker (N)

Bard (N)
Amalg cross Harpy
Harpy (N)
Amalg equal Siren
Siren (N)

Cleric (N)
Amalg cross Priest
Priest (N)
Amalg equal Bishop
Bishop (N)

Dryad (N)
Amalg cross Archer
Archer (N)
Amalg equal Elementalist
Elementalist (N)

Elf (N)
Amalg cross Bugbear
Bugbear (N)
Amalg equal Dwarf
Dwarf (N)

Pixie (N)
Amalg cross Witch
Witch (N)
Amalg equal Little Witch
Little Witch (N)

Thief (N)
Amalg cross Adventurer
Adventurer (N)
Amalg equal Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter (N)

Enchanter (N)
Amalg cross Mechanic
Mechanic (N)
Amalg equal Android
Android (R)

Summoner (N)
Amalg cross Wizard
Wizard (N)
Amalg equal Sage
Sage (R)

Gold Girl
Gold Girl (N)
Amalg cross Metal Slime
Metal Slime (R)
Amalg equal Medal Girl
Medal Girl (R)

Lamia (N)
Amalg cross Arachne
Arachne (R)
Amalg equal Medusa
Medusa (R)

Onmyoji (N)
Amalg cross Fox Spirit
Fox Spirit (R)
Amalg equal Oni
Oni (R)

Siren (N)
Amalg cross Musician
Musician (R)
Amalg equal Diva
Diva (R)

Heavy Armor
Heavy Armor (N)
Amalg cross Shapeshifter
Shapeshifter (R)
Amalg equal Orc
Orc (R)

Ghost (R)
Amalg cross Kung-Fu Master
Kung-Fu Master (R)
Amalg cross Phantom
Phantom (N)
Amalg equal Jiang Shi
Jiang Shi (R)

(N) Gnome
Amalg cross Sylph
(R) Sylph
Amalg cross Salamander
(R) Salamander
Amalg cross Undine
(R) Undine
Amalg equal Lightning
(R) Lightning

Ladybird (R)
Amalg cross Alraune
Alraune (R)
Amalg equal Fungus
Fungus (R)

Soldier (R)
Amalg cross Scientist
Scientist (R)
Amalg equal Grenadier
Grenadier (R)

Rusalka (R)
Amalg cross Kelpie
Kelpie (R)
Amalg equal Juturna
Juturna (R)

Yukinnko (R)
Amalg cross Oneiros
Oneiros (R)
Amalg equal New Girl
New Girl (R)

Asmodeus (SR)
Amalg cross Gabriel
Gabriel (SR)
Amalg equal Decarabia
Decarabia (SR)

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