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Awakening Menu

Awakening is a form of upgrading a card, which will increase its stats and improve its skill. This feature can be accessed in the Upgrade screen from the "Awaken" section located on the bottom left side.


Only some cards are available for Awakening. Cards that can be awakened will have a red star icon next to the evolution star(s). Cards that can awakened can also be viewed from the awakening screen.

The special items needed for awakening are collectible through the Witch Gate or Elemental Hall. Materials can also be upgraded or downgraded by using the Awakening Lab building. The number of items required differs depending on the card's rarity.


  • Item elements must match the card's element.
  • For max stats, HSR/HUR Cards DO NOT have to be at max level when awakening, as the level has no effect. For example, see Max Attack and Defense
    • However, HSR/HUR cards DO need to be perfectly evolved from max level SR/UR.
  • Awakening is not a guaranteed process.
    • HSR cards have a 40% success rate.
    • HUR cards have a 20% success rate.
      Note: Some HUR cards have a lower chance of success. This is listed on each card's individual page.
    • If awakening fails, the items used will be lost (but not the card).
    • Arcana available in the Elemental Hall can improve the chance of success. The Arcana (+5%, +10%, +15%, +20%) stack, allowing you to increase the chance of awakening by up to 50%

Example Awakening StepsEdit

In order to get the best stats for your GSR and GUR cards, it's important to Evolve and Amalgamate your card properly before awakening. Let's look at Chocolatier as an example of this process.

If you are going for a fully amalgamated GUR Chocolatier, you would follow these steps:

  1. Max the level of all 8 SR cards, 4 Red String and 4 Claudius
  2. Evolve each pair of SR to get 4 HSR. Don't forget to use Arcana Succession
  3. Max the level of all 4 HSR, 2 Red String and 2 Claudius
  4. Amalgamate the 2 pairs of HSR to get 2 UR Chocolatier
  5. Max the level of the 2 UR Chocolatier
  6. Evolve the 2 UR to get the HUR Chocolatier. Don't forget to use Arcana Succession
  7. You are now ready to Awaken your HUR. The HUR does not need to be max level

For the most cost effective method of maxing the Attack and Defense of your awakened cards, see the Max Attack and Defense page


Once a card is awakened, the rarity of the card will change (HSR/HUR → GSR/GUR). In addition:

  • Basic stats will increase.
  • GSR Stat cap is 24,999.
  • GUR Stat cap is 39,999.
  • Level cap will increase (70 for GSR, 90 for GUR).
  • Skill will change.
  • "Awoken Burst" may activate in battle

Carried Over After AwakeningEdit

Some of the previous stats before awakening will be carried over:

  • All ATK/DEF/Soldier stats gained from evolution and Arcana.
  • Affection points (friendship level).

Not carried over:

  • Card level (reset to 1).
  • Skill level (reset to 1).

Card LineupEdit

Note: The awakening cost listed here is a general guideline. Each card's actual cost and chance of success is listed on the individual card.

HSR available for Awakening
Passion Great Passion Cool Great Cool Light Great Light Dark Great Dark

Required Items:
Passion Orb Orb x1

Passion Stone (L) L Stone x5
Passion Stone (M) M Stone x10
Passion Stone (S) S Stone x15

Cool Orb Orb x1

Cool Stone (L) L Stone x5
Cool Stone (M) M Stone x10
Cool Stone (S) S Stone x15

Light Orb Orb x1

Light Stone (L) L Stone x5
Light Stone (M) M Stone x10
Light Stone (S) S Stone x15

Dark Orb Orb x1

Dark Stone (L) L Stone x5
Dark Stone (M) M Stone x10
Dark Stone (S) S Stone x15

HUR available for Awakening
Passion Great Passion Cool Great Cool Light Great Light Dark Great Dark

Required Items:
Passion Orb Orb x2

Passion Stone (L) L Stone x10
Passion Stone (M) M Stone x15
Passion Stone (S) S Stone x20

Cool Orb Orb x2

Cool Stone (L) L Stone x10
Cool Stone (M) M Stone x15
Cool Stone (S) S Stone x20

Light Orb Orb x2

Light Stone (L) L Stone x10
Light Stone (M) M Stone x15
Light Stone (S) S Stone x20

Dark Orb Orb x2

Dark Stone (L) L Stone x10
Dark Stone (M) M Stone x15
Dark Stone (S) S Stone x20

HLR available for Awakening
Passion Great Passion Cool Great Cool Light Great Light Dark Great Dark

No cards yet

No cards yet

No cards yet

No cards yet

Required Items:
Passion Orb Orb x?

Passion Stone (L) L Stone x?
Passion Stone (M) M Stone x?
Passion Stone (S) S Stone x?

Cool Orb Orb x?

Cool Stone (L) L Stone x?
Cool Stone (M) M Stone x?
Cool Stone (S) S Stone x?

Light Orb Orb x?

Light Stone (L) L Stone x?
Light Stone (M) M Stone x?
Light Stone (S) S Stone x?

Dark Orb Orb x?

Dark Stone (L) L Stone x?
Dark Stone (M) M Stone x?
Dark Stone (S) S Stone x?

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