Battle SystemEdit

The game uses a turn base system for their battles. A team of cards consists of 3 cards in the beginning but can increase when an Arena and Fort are built for your attack and defense line respectively for a total of 5 cards per team.

Deck Cost is also important for allowing stronger cards into your units and can be improved by gaining Kingdom levels, building the Barracks, or purchasing through the shop with the use of the in-game currency Jewels.

How to fightEdit

During combat, your selected card first to fight is normally the one at the center. You can decide which card can attack by tapping your own units. Tapping them again will show their abilities if they have one that can activate. Auto-skills are not listed as they are already in effect. In addition to any auto-skills, depending on the characteristics of the cards in the unit, all of the cards in the unit may receive Unit Bonuses. You can increase your elemental unit bonuses for all teams by building Fire Ruins (Passion), Ice Tower (Cool), Shrine of Light (Light), or Pagan Hall (Dark). Only one card can attack per turn.

If a card starts to shine (shown at the start of your turn with a yellow star), her ability can be activated. Tapping her will prompt you to activate or cancel activation (this will not remove the skill activation and can allow you to save the skill for the next turn). Abilities do not count towards the 1 card attack per turn rule. (ex. Aqua Knight activates her ability and uses it, you can still use a normal attack). The fight ends when you or the enemy team loses all their soldiers on their cards.

Cards that took damage during the fight will permanently lose their soldiers and can only be replenished using resources or jewels. This does not apply for Event Boss battles (Archwitches, Alliance Battles, or Tower-Type Events). For Archwitch events, event map battles will still cause soldier loss, just not the Archwitch battles.

For specific tips on battle formations and strategies, see the Deck Guides, Archwitch, and Tower-Type Events pages. Reading about the different Skills available may also be helpful in forming your teams and strategies.

Strength and WeaknessesEdit

There are 5 types of cards that are meant for battle: Passion, Cool, Light, Dark, and Special. Cards of opposing types both deal additional damage to each other and recieve additional damage. The two card type pairings are:

  • Passion vs Cool
  • Light vs Dark

Special cards have no bonus against other elements.

Additional NotesEdit

In December 2013 a news announcement from Nubee over Valkyrie Crusade version 2.0 stated that new elements would be coming to the game, however this was an interpretation error/translation error. By new elements they were referring to new "game elements" not new card types.