• FugurumaRin2.0

    Self Reflection

    February 20, 2018 by FugurumaRin2.0

    This is a weird blog post, but I'm in a reflection/isolation mood, so I'm just gonna run with it and see what happens.

    I got into VC around late October 2014 - Pirate Gun's debut event. So, back when Nubee owned it. Don't remember the exact date, but I have a picture of a tiny kingdom on my old phone dated the end of October, so it was around there.

    I played on and off for about a year, getting Momo, Mia, Wandering Sanzo, Two URs. My cards were kinda crap, I didn't build my kingdom very well, but I was having fun. I didn't realize that you needed to expand your kingdom as you went. Unfortunately, I needed to stop because the game was taking over my life and impacting my grades heavily. I ended up dropping the game over the summer (to focus o…

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  • Choocolatiah

    This post is all about upgrading/maxing LR cards at the least cost possible while still getting the most out of your LRs. Think about cost-benefit analysis.

    This Google sheet helps determine the amount of arcanas needed to be added when a GLR is at a certain stat and at a certain level. It's recently updated to consider the 500 and 3000 arcanas.

    If you have ample amount of all types of ATK/DEF arcanas, do the following steps to save arcana:

    1. First, look at the +3k arcana column and use less than one of the amount showed there. Update the current stats column.
    2. Then look at the +500 column and similar to the step above, use less than one of the amount showed there. Update current stats column again.
    3. Use all the amount of arcana showed in the +50 col…

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  • VeiRetning

    It’s a commonly asked question on what cards to use one’s Mirror Maiden on.

    Here I will try to list the ideal main skill choice (with card examples) to use a Mirror Maiden on base on the various game events, Archwitch Hunts, Tower and Alliance Bingo Battle (Attack/Defense) for competitiveness.

    Under each type of event, there will be 3 levels of classification as follows.

    A. Best Choices

    These are the cards you should Mirror until you have enough to match the meta team(s).

    B. Other Possible Choices

    These are less ideal as a candidate for Mirror Maiden but still important in building up your team towards the meta and can be considered if you already have enough of the cards listed in A. Best Choices or if you have spare Mirror Maidens.

    C. Alternative…

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  • Choocolatiah

    Since the "in-game news" about special cards for the upcoming 9th Abyssal Archwitch Hunt is not yet updated, here are they and their corresponding boosts!

    Event Thor Skills
    Card Effect Name LR/UR/SR Bonus Effect HLR/HUR/HSR Bonus Effect GUR/GLR/GSR Bonus Effect Activation Rate
    Hero's Weapon Σ Thor's Hammer attack 400% up Thor's Hammer attack 400% up Thor's Hammer attack 400% up 100%
    Hero's Weapon ε
    Thor's Hammer attack 200% up 100%
    Hero's Weapon β Thor's Hammer attack 50% up Thor's Hammer attack 50% up Thor's Hammer attack 100% up 100%
    Hero's Weapon β Thor's Hammer attack 50% up Thor's Hammer attack 50% up
    Hero's Weapon Thor's Hammer attack 50% up Thor's Hammer attack 50% up Thor's Hammer attack 100% up 100%
    Hero's Weapon
    Thor's Hammer …

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  • Inhandra

    Second State of the Kingdom

    November 29, 2017 by Inhandra

    Now that I'm close to my anniversary date, I wanted to take a look back at what I've accomplished during my two years.

    Level: 169 (up from 146 last anniversary)
    LRs: 4 (up from 0)
    GURs: 15 (up from 9)
    GSRs: 5 (up from 3)
    HURs: 49 (up from 13)
    Single URs: 26 (up from 13) (excludes Mirror Maidens)
    Awakening backlog: 74 cards (up from 20 cards)
    Magic School: Level 10 (up from 6)
    Castle: Level 13 (up from 11)
    Ward: Level 5
    Kingdom expansions: All done
    Second kingdom cleared: Finished
    Arena: Level 2
    Parliament buildings: 3 at Level 10
    Great Temple: 3 at Level 10
    Goddess Statue: 2 at Level 10
    Ice Tower: 3 at Level 10
    Shrine of Light: 3 at Level 10
    Fire Ruins: 3 at Level 10
    Pagan Hall: 3 at Level 10
    Fountain: 2 at Level 10
    Barracks: 6 at Level 10 (was 3 at level 10)

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  • Bilibala1234

    I remember seeing some parodies from Akkeyjin's blog and one of them has Lilim and Angel in it. I guess these two does make a nice pair. There are also other Akkeyjin's parodies that kinda hint for yuri pairing like Snow White and Alice, maybe I'll do one for them in the future.

    It's kind of ambigous but I think Lilim's one of those maidens who doesn't wear panties, like Orihime, Andromeda, old version Lucifier etc. Could have make it a catagory for some group bonus lol.

    Using the R card version of angel here, quite pretty for an R card I think. Already stopped playing by the time other Angel variant is out.

    Originally drawn as a R18 version but added some  panties for Angel in the public version.

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  • Setsugeha

    G/LR mainstream cards

    November 22, 2017 by Setsugeha

    Well G/LR are from now the GUR of yesterday as the GUR are what the GSR is, for players who own some LRs or above that is...

    Free LR obtainable from RR/ABB/LR chance tix/Tower/RR amalg, everyone as a chance of getting at least 1 copy of the LR, though GUR are still better for ranking during EH against 1 LR thanks to awoken burst and less powerful so we can stall for proc, but thankfully, as everyone know, Mynet introduced LR mirror shard during the previous event and it's exchangeable through ABB ring for 1000 rings from now on, without forgetting that LR Mirror Maiden is also obtainable for the price of 2100 rings or from RR. 1000-1200 rings is affordable even for F2P as long as they're active enough and make use of double pts/free jewels/…

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  • Portahack

    The first time RNG bless me

    November 17, 2017 by Portahack

    I'm really happy because this is the firt time the RNG bless me, not only in this game but all the games I Play.

    Like lots of people I dind't get nothing from the LR ticket from the 9M users campaign, I had already known that I won't get anything.

    Earlier today I recived the rank reward, 2 LR chance ticket (and something else that I don't remember), I decided to use them and a Premium ticket at that moment insted of saving some more.

    Firts I got a R from the premium ticket, well, it's normal I thought. Next I spent the first LR ticket and got a R again, at that moment I was thinking "well, it's a normal day getting nothing", used the second ticket expecting another R. Then I saw this and my morning became better.

    I started playing 2 months ago…

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  • Bilibala1234

    I used to play VC back in 2014 and Oracel Ascendant is one of the earliest variant of Oracle that I like best.

    Been drawing fan art of some other games, and felt like doing one for Oracle. Maybe do a few more on the iconic ones that I like, got draft for Lilim and Angel.

    Some quick mod for a Summer Oracle version.  

    some extras

    other NSFW stuff in my Facebook Blog Album   or Imgur Gallery . 

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  • Choocolatiah

    The "9M Users Commemoration Campaign" will be held starting 0:00 on November 6th (JST) to thank everyone and commemorate the breaking of the record of 9M Users!

    You can obtain a total of 5670 during this campaign!!

    ■Special Login Bonuses!

    Campaign Period: 0:00 on November 6th ~ 23:59 on November 15th (JST)

    For the duration of the campaign period, a special login bonus will be distributed for each day you log in!

    Extravagant Login Bonuses

    • November 6 → ×900
    • November 7 → Ticket x4
    • November 8 → MIRROR MAIDEN (SR) x1
    • November 9 → SLIME QUEEN+ (UR) x3
    • November 10 → ×900
    • November 11 → Ticket x4
    • November 12 → MEDAL GIRL (SR) x3
    • November 13 → ×900
    • November 14 → Ticket x4
    • November 15 → MIRROR MAIDEN (LR) SHARD x1

    Don't forget to log in each day!

    The 9M DL Commemo…

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  • Lunamoon07


    October 23, 2017 by Lunamoon07

    Hi everyone. I think I am facing some issue in the game, but not sure is just purely no luck. 2 days ago, I used a lot of vitality and BP on the event map, I did not encounter even one LAW, whether is after defeated AW or in the bonus area. I gave up when it just left few minutes to the next day. So when the time reset, it looks fine and I encounter a few LAW. 

    Then today, I am getting 0 LAW again, and don't mentioned that even bonus area also not appearing. Is this phenomenon is normal,  or I am just getting out of luck? 

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    I can't remember the last time I've been able to actually sit down and invest myself into VC again. College started last month, and ever since then my life has been crazy. Fortunately, I seemed to have found the state of mind I need in order to play VC seriously. Unfortunately, that may not last long.

    I've been logging on rather regularly, but all I really do is donate to the beautiful card that is Licorice. I've haven't been actively participating in events, nor have I really frequented the wiki all that much lately. But now that I've logged on and played for a decent amount of time I can see just how much I missed. Honestly, I thought skipping the year of 2015-2016 was the worst thing I could do. 

    But the break helped me realize just how m…

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  • VeiRetning

    Hi all,

    Choocolatiah did a Fantastic blog article on Maxing GLR Stats and I thought it will be good if there's some examples to follow. Note that this is less optimized and not an exact example base on her steps in that article. If you have no problem understanding Choocolatiah's Maxing GLR Stats blog you can skip this totally.

    For the below Example, I'll use a Level 9 GLR with an Attack of 60000 to calculate the amount of Arcanas needed for Max Attack when the GLR reaches Level 110. Each step is listed and then followed by the result/calculation of the GLR used for this example.

    P.S. Defense works the same way as Attack so you can just replace all instances of Attack below with Defense.

    Steps to calculate amount of Arcanas Needed to Max GLR Stats…

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  • Choocolatiah

    Maxing GLR stats

    August 21, 2017 by Choocolatiah

    For those who still check this blog post when maxing their GLRs, I've made a sheet on how to know the amount of stats and number of arcanas still needed:

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  • Dst0902ning

    Hello... GC★Nao here.  So um... Are there any t500 and below rankers who don't have an extra war maiden weapon (or any other amal item or SR Murakamo) and any t3000 rankers who can't reach F 90k planning to fire complains?  

    Firing multiple complaints can probably make mynet to compensate us and improve the tower event, so I hope that you will fire a complaint as well if you fit the criteria that I have stated so everyone will gain benefits.

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  • KayKayVC


    I hope this will give anyone some helpful advice or ideas on how to set up their deck for the new Tower Event in v4.0.0. I assume anyone reading this blog titled starting with "Extreme" would already know the basic mechanics of the tower already, have pretty good cards (GUR/LR), and are experienced in Valkyrie Crusade. So this blog will just focus on the set up I used successfully through Extreme difficulty with high chance of success for those who are almost there but still struggling. 

    In truth, the four battles are just a variation of what you would normally set up for Advance+ in Elemental Hall. Turn Skip + Damage skill cards and element specific cards are invaluable here as well. Make an effort to farm cards in various events if y…

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  • VeiRetning

    Tower Event Brief Runthrough

    The following is a Brief Runthrough for the Tower Event for people who are still new or just have tried a bit of the Tower Event. Players who already played a lot or rush through the event probably won't find much new info here.

    - This whole event is about getting to as high Floor(Which determines your ranking like Subjugation Points) as you can by defeating the enemy.

    - Each time you defeat the Final Boss of a floor, you get Floor Passes which basically increase the Floor you are at by that amount. There are also other rewards like Cards, Awakening Materials, Arcanas and BP Restore.

    - There are 4 difficulties, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, Extreme. They require you to have 1,2,3,4 Teams respectively and …

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  • Micelle1990

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  • VeiRetning

    (Updated 4th September 2017)

    Using Guaranteed UR Tickets is always an exciting moment in the game, we always wonder what will we get from the ticket. It gets more exciting when there is an Abyssal Archwitch Hunt around the corner, where we get a shot at getting a bunch of them! :)

    Below is a classification of how good a draw is based on the current meta of the game(As of Aug 2017) and the card quality in GUR form.

    Disclaimer - How good a draw is might be different for you base on your current collection/needs, requirements and taste ;)

    Best of the Best Draws(Buy the lottery today!)
    - Ixtab (9-12x MultiHitter)
    - Party Crasher (2 Proc at 20% All Element Team Unleasher)

    Best Draws(Part of the Meta)
    - Any 10x MultiHitters(E.g. Poison Tea, Formula)
    - 650%+…

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  • Xkisanagi

    For shits, I came back to this game only to try out this new Treasure Hunt Mini-Game/feature.

    TL;DR: If you're someone that doesn't mind waiting a very long time to get the chance at decent rewards, then this is an alright little mini-game to waste your time with. Especially if you have leftover gems and nothing to spend them on. You can absolutely play this mini-game freely & leisurely, but spending will give you a quick advantage.


    - You can obtain decent rewards: Skill recipe materials, Awakening Stones, UR & a LR available in the Treasure Map

    - Eventually you can scrounge up enough Hidden Treasure to exchange for rewards, much like AW Cores

    - LR can possibly be earned via the Treasure Map (with the potential for the rate to increase fo…

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  • Dst0902ning

    Hello fellow VCians! I am GC★Nao, a VC player who started to play this game on 2016/5/15. You may know me from the game, on the wiki, in the fb group(I am Naomi Kho Yining) or in the discord group(I am 巧克力熊 ChocoNao). I am in JJ's Line group with the username Naomi Kho Yining but I rarely check it and I didn't speak in there except for the first two days(lol). I was supposed to celebrate this on the 15th of May but I was busy with exams and real life and then I totally forgot about it after that... until today. 

    I was planning to make a video, but I still don't have a screen recorder in my phone and using blustacks is pretty troublesome in terms of transferring accounts so I decided to make a blog post instead. 

    Firstly, I want to thank my a…

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  • Choocolatiah

    This is just an overview. For details, see the Help topic & the FAQ.

    • It is a new wiki content that replaced Forum, so whether we like it or not, VC wiki will be getting it. We just got it earlier.
    • If you have a link to a previously followed forum topic, it should redirect to the migrated post in Discussion.
    • You have to click Follow at the bottom of the post to follow it again.
    • Migrated contents can only be edited by admins, even if it is your own post.
    • You can edit your own new posts within a certain set of time. After that, only mods and admins can edit it.
    • No more anon posting, requires users to log in to post or reply.
    • You can view all post by a user.
    • You can call someone's attention to that certain discssion by using @
    • All links should be posted …
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  • Inhandra

    I have not blogged recently, but I've still been active in the game. I had a good event, accomplishing just about everything I wanted to.

    I got 2x Paloma yesterday. Add those to the HSR Rossa I already have and that's a perfect UR Nina. I already have a UR Nina from a past event, so I end with an imperfect HUR. I lacked 2x Gungnir to have a perfect HUR Dainsleif. I got those two and then some more. I also got a Dainsleif from a Witch Gate, my first time getting a UR that way.

    I reached a new all-time high rank of 2300. I now look to finish in the Top 3000 for the first time. Once I get my final ranking rewards I will have the seven lithographs needed to make Dynatos Theseus.

    My in-game name is Raven, so of course I would want a card called Ra…

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  • CookiesNWaffles


    for those of you who added me 4-5 years before, I'm no longer able to access that account (4hfd5). I should think it's because ownership got transferred to Mynet from Nubee. I'm not sure though so if you all know how to recover accounts from years ago, please inform me (desperately want my magma nuker back ;w;)

    in any case I can't recover it, my new ID will be bq2l4. Feel free to add me there and help me slay some archwitches/FAW/LAW, I desperately need to climb back up :")

    that's all for now hehe will update if I can get back that account :^^^)

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  • XerathWasTaken

    WARNING: This is a joke guide for entertainment purposes only.

    Welcome to my first guide! So you're a player on valkyrie crusade who strives to become good at the game to get those juicy rewards in tier 100, correct? Then look no further becuase this guide is the absolute "BEST" *cough* worst *cough* in the business!

    Jewels: These purple beauties are what are going to score you the ability to advance in the game as fast as possible. They are "premium currency" if you'd like. You want to go prioritising spending these on:

    1. Buying resources (ether, gold & iron).
    2. Recovering soldiers.
    3. Speeding up building times.
    4. And finally, blowing them all on the slot *scam* summon!

    Spending your jewels in these areas will really allow you to start your journey on the p…

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  • VeiRetning

    Update: There is now a Wiki page on this subject, Campaign Resource, which contains more details.

    Original Blog

    As I can't find any info on the Wiki on this, I decided to work out the details myself. I am also not familiar with creating a table in the wiki, so  uploaded a picture to display the details instead. :)

    The main purpose/use of this list is for maximizing Shoe/Twitter(Vitality) usage when a Bonus Area appear so we won't use more than what is needed and waste the extras.

    Below info is based on the commonly used VC Event Map template

    - For SA(Special Area) it could be either 600 Vitality (40 Steps at 15 Vitality Each) or 1,350 Vitality (90 Steps at 15 Vitality Each)
    - For the event where there are 4 areas (1 of each element) at the e…

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  • Peppakin

    This event I drew the points UR for the first time.  I rarely use diamonds on a summons, but was chasing the SR points card and decided to use 600 diamonds for step 2.  And instead of the points SR, I had the points UR drop.  Fortunately, I had an UR MM there, so was able to evolve and eventually awaken her.  I also had the points SR drop from a UST, and a second of her drop later in the event (again a UST), so this event have been playing with both the GUR and GSR points cards and as a result am R10 today.

    I've played with the SR points cards many times before, but the GUR is something else again and has made me more aware of how this game seems to be gradually evolving so that players who can cash get more and more advantages.  Or that's …

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  • Hiragushi

    Since some time ago Elemental Halls have been updated, I have no other way but to stay on Intermediate+, I have a question if there's a possibility to make good EH team, or should I wait and collect more cards?

    List of cards that I have :

    1 LR Bright Amaterasu (custom skill deal 777% COOL to all enemies)

    3 LR True Wolf Fenrir (custom  skill - Deal 777% DARK DMG to all enemies)

    1 GUR Zhong Kui (deal Dark dmg 4 times) - still waiting for the end of the event for Fierce Spirit

    1 GUR Seika (DMG by all Passion allies)

    GUR Cheerful Pixie and Radiant Pixie (skipper + DMG)

    GUR Sentinel Adele (auto DMG skipper, can't be nullfilled)

    GUR Luna Llena and GUR Rux Luna Llena (skipper + DMG)

    2 GUR LANTZ and GUR Flashdance LANTZ (unleasher)

    GUR Couverture (snowballe…

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  • Zykkia101 (aka CETO)

    The alliance I'm in is just so inactive. Only two members, including myself, are the only one really doing something like the bingo battles and etc. I'm not strong nor am I weak. I'm active but only when I have the time. I have school sadly grrrr. Recommend me some alliances that ain't tough on new peeps and that most of the members are active. I will be leaving my alliance soon.... been in there for almost 4 years /sigh/

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  • Zykkia101 (aka CETO)

    Since there is an SR and a R card amalgamation list there should also be a UR one too oh and also do the SR list updates?

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  • Blue August

    So yea, forgot about the game after the event with the Diva Mika, came back since I saw a bunch of notifications for "LR" cards that sounded interesting, did the ticket summon and then got Wise Oracle, lucky me! And then I saw the abilities and I rolled on the floor laughing, is this the norm now?

    I'm seeing custom skills, Advance+ EH, abysmal AWs, thor's hammers and stuff, anyone wanna explain these changes to a lvl+150, lazy but always under 2k player? And what's the new average in terms of cards/abilities, rankings, ect?

    Thankies in advance!

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  • VeiRetning

    (Updated 5th December 2017)

    Occasionally Mynet gets generous and gives us a free UR Mirror Maiden or we got lucky and gotten 1 from 10* Treasure Hunt(Yay!) or through the slow and hard way, to finally earned enough ABB Rings/Hidden Treasures/UR Mirror Maiden Shards to exchange for one.

    As the UR Mirror Maiden is quite rare, we would not want to waste her and use her on a less ideal card. The list below gives an idea what are the possible UR Mirror Maiden worthy UR Cards.

    Disclaimer - What is worthy might be different for you base on your needs, requirements and taste ;)

    Note: Many cards belong to more than 1 category below which increases the value of that card for UR Mirror Maiden considerations.

    Without Further Ado here is the list(Skills ind…

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  • Choocolatiah

    God Scheherazade looks weird ><

    A 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon is now available for a limited time!

    The previously released LR cards [WISE ORACLE], [LAZY ALCHEMIST], and [DEEP SUCCUBUS] will be reissued in the 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon!

    In addition, this summon will also feature the new LR card 「GOD SCHEHERAZADE」!

    This is a 10-card summon, and the LR appearance rate will increase by 2% after each summon until a LR card is obtained!!

    ※The appearance rate will reset if a LR card is obtained.

    For the 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon, instead of 3000, the first summon will be only 600!

    Plus! LR All-Star★Summon Tickets obtained as 4th Anniversary special login bonuses can also be used to perform this summon!

    ■Newly Added Card


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  • Zykkia101 (aka CETO)

    Invite code

    March 26, 2017 by Zykkia101 (aka CETO)

    How long will it be till the next update of the invite code? How long does it actually take to refresh it?

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  • Felee

    So after spending keys in modes Intermediate through Advanced+, it seems that when using a Multi-hit x Salvo team, Intermediate and Intermediate+ are roughly equal at giving the most points in EH, about 340-380K per battle for 3 battles. Without overkill teams in the last two modes, Advanced+ comes next (~150K/battle), and lastly Advanced (~80K/battle). So I was womdering, should it be okay to have Inter and Inter+ yield the most points, or should it be Advanced+? A similar situation has happened in EH before Mynet adjust the points to ecourage fighting in Advanced Hall, and people were generally fine with that. I guess we can list some pros and cons of making Adv+ king of points, and we'll decide from there.

    First, the pros. It would make …

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  • Choocolatiah

    Don't expect it...

    Sorry to disappoint but MyNet probably forgot about it. I, for myself, am only disappointed with it cause I was expecting to get Alchemist's prettiest version ever released so far. (My blog, my opinion :P) Well, unless she's gonna be the returning card but with no anniversary event this year, it's not guaranteed. *cries*

    Next event is titled The Rarest of Stones and it will run from 2017 March 14-27. It will feature the Archwitch Great DMG cards Mineria, Stone Elf and Dr. Mole. And based from the list of unreleased cards, the event cards are probably Mercurius, Adele, Sentinel Adele, Hermes..

    And oh, before I forgot, next event will feature the . Ugh. On a side note, the events (Summer Ends With a Bang! and Halloween Confession…

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  • Lycheejane

    As we settle into a nice routine - turn-skipper event, ABB event, salt-inducing Relena event - I thought it might be interesting to use Valkyrie Crusade’s recent history to analyse what makes an event good or bad. Do not fear, there is a TL;DR at the end.

    You might be familiar with the feeling of counting down the seconds until your time zone’s equivalent of JST noon on the day a new event starts. This translates to two p.m. for me, at which time I am usually at school, so at the start of last period you can find me frantically refreshing the details page until it goes live. Often, the in-game news and the details page, which lists the skills of the available Fantasy Archwitches and ranking rewards and describes the process necessary to ob…

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  • PrimeXam

    VC Journal (7/3)

    March 7, 2017 by PrimeXam

    This may be a short post. I ran out of things to talk about some time back, so I haven't posted here in a while. Has my opinion changed since my last post? Well, not really. 

    I haven't been paying attention to the News, so apologies if I did not mention any newly released features. First off, the new rarity: LR. Well, I'm not really sure what to say here, and I haven't really checked them out until writing this blog post, and all I can say is that they're really good, I guess. Sorry if it sounded lackluster, but I don't have any LRs at the moment to see firsthand how good they are in my opinion. Managing to hit the damage cap is good enough for me, so I think I can handle myself if I don't get an LR, just saying. As for Custom Skills, they'…

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  • Fugetsu Murakumo


    March 1, 2017 by Fugetsu Murakumo

    Over the past like 2 month I have had around 30 duels from the same person. I wonder if anyone know how they do that pinpointing cuz no matter how i looked i can't seem to find a function that does that in VC

    thanks in advance

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    This is too much

    February 24, 2017 by Fuguruma Rin

    Hopefully this won't be full of salt, believe it or not it's not my goal to be salty.

    But I think Mynet threw a bit too much at us. At least, that's the reason I got so upset with this event. Now that I've had a couple days to digest the thing that is LR Relena, I've realized that this event isn't really the worst thing to happen to me with VC.

    Okay, so what I mean by giving us too much is that I feel that they introduced the Amalgamating LRs a little too early - The few LR cards in the game are still currently the one thing that everyone either loves or hates (similar to the awakening feature when it was first introduced). They're still rather new; too new to introduce an event where you can create one - with enough swords, shoes, and salt th…

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  • StarRuin

    Its personal opinion on both 2 parts.

    My friend who cashed several times for VC (quitted for 1 year) told me that he had been surprised when i had been lasted for that long-2 years (actually since 2012 but i changed acc a lots). At 1st, VC was fine when there were not so mamy card games could run on BlueStack and VC suited my taste-fine art and fine game play (Otogi and Ayakashi which had same artist had the best art but they were so boring that i deleted after 1 day). Every changes in VC is ok with me (even a 700 cards/ box summon when Hi-chan came back was still a real nightmare), AAW is quite good when it brings me 1-2 UR tickets, i dont care much about LR or RR while im lazy and dont have enough good decks; and sometime that F/AWs dont …

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  • Choocolatiah

    Recipe Skills

    February 22, 2017 by Choocolatiah
    Please refer to Custom Skills. This blog post will no longer be updated. TY!

    Custom skills can be equipped on "LR" and "HLR" cards to make them even more powerful! They will activate as a battle progresses and the turn counter reaches 0. The creation of custom skills requires Celestial Water, Skill Recipes, and Skill Cores.

    All of the custom skills that can be created are attacking skills. There are 56 total recipe skills that can be created but they can be grouped in 6, depending on the Skill Core material needed to create them.

    A skill that deals DMG to all enemies at the end of the required number of turns.

    Recipe Name Max Level Effect
    All Enemies DMG Recipe (★1) Deal 1000% DMG to all enemies
    All Enemies DMG Recipe (★2) Deal 1500% DMG to all …

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  • VeiRetning

    My very first Blog, pardon me if there's any mistakes.

    Let's say if we are already planning to buy the 3 Shoe/2 Sword package from the shop for 300 jewels and buying 2 of them, that will cost us 600 jewels total.

    By spending 900 jewels to do the 1st time LR summon, we are getting 110 Maiden Tickets which if we add 10 more Maiden Tickets to make it 120, we can trade the 120 Maiden Tickets for 3 Shoes/2 Swords two times which is 600 jewels worth in the shop.

    That means

    1. If we don't count the additional topping up of 10 Maiden Ticket, and
    2. Assuming we plan to buy the 3 shoe/2 sword package two times for 600 jewels

    We are actually spending only 300 jewels for a try at 11 cards, which although not likely, gives us a chance to summon the LR card. Beside…

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  • Chad Pattan

    Greetings all.  I'm a shade early from my promised quarterly, but enough has changed to make it worth the early update. I think.

    Let's see where we're at.  I have sorted things around.

    This wasn't done, but they did improve it and addressed a concern I had.  First, Fever Time is now exclusive to you, not (ab)usable by the team.  Your Fever does not benefit anyone else but you.  Why's this good?  Because it encourages participation and competition within the Alliance as well.  If you take up the Bingo spaces that give stars, you're going to stand out as MVP and thus get bonus rings.  You also now get a bonus for being the best defender, which is a complaint I had.  Now there's disincentive to just throw a garbage defender team out there.

    This …

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  • Choocolatiah


    January 24, 2017 by Choocolatiah

    Just some random thoughts while bored at work and likewise bored from current event:

    Gone were the days where I speculate what will be the skill/element/art of the next LAW, only to be crushed by mynet once they release final card data. (I'm looking at you Santiclaus, I hoped you'd be a dark "not random" unleasher XD). I prefer a LAW that will drop (even if it's all RNG), a LAW that is not the ranking reward in 4 events. I want a new LAW, not an old LAW that I can get through Legendary summon tickets. Maybe I'll change my opinion on this once mynet change the lineup of Legendary summon to much better cards, like current lineup minus Jeanne D'Arc (I only like your reverse evolution!) and Sacred Amaterasu (I don't hate her, but her AoE skill …

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  • Paraii1000

    I don`t konw what happened.

    But who can tell me a lv16 account(his id means "10th") how to win 100 battles in a row.

    I have heard some people made hack tool to change the proc rate and let it activate infinitely.

    Now it may be true.

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    I'm going to admit something I'm not proud of: I got lazy during an event when farming is key. Hence, As of this morning, I had just amalgated my first UR Sally (with Rare Sallys, of course). But uh...we all know that Sally's SC is rather lacking, and to be perfectly honest needs to be a GUR in order to work the best. 

    But how was I going to get 8 Rare Sally's to make another perfect UR?

    I had work today, as well as some house cleaning I'd been meaning to do for a while. (Oh, by the way...70s adhesive makes your hands REALLLLY sticky and dry. Like, my fingers made a rubbery sound when I rubbed them together). But that's beside the point. 

    Anyway, I decided to play VC during whatever freetime I had. By 7pm, I had 20 Katrinas, 5 Dancing Sallys, a…

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  • Felee

    I want to reflect on the year of 2016 and talk about how hard it was to rank in the events we had for last year. Hard meaning competition between players was fierce. These include all normal events from "A Celestial Shrine Visit" to "Holy Night! No One at the Gate". Side events like Bounty Hunt's are excluded. First, some Honorable Mentions, in chronological order.

    "A Celestial Shrine Visit "- This one wasn't that hard, but it was a very lengthy 3 weeks of an event, and 2 weeks of EH farming. There were also an Item Exchange for us to encourage more grinding. Tha amount of time alone though is why this gets an honorable mention.

    "Moonlight Rumble "- This one did not feature an EH, and it would be the first time all points were nerfed. Pure s…

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  • StarRuin

    Ranking drama of a f2p

    December 28, 2016 by StarRuin

    Im weak and lazy so i rarely try to rank, but when i want to rank, that event has tough ranking.

    1/ 1st ranking in Mika event. 

    At this time i had Ishikore-Dome as my main attacker, so Diva Mika  was super nice. Farmed days and night, and top 1000 was not so hard.

    2/ Summer end with bang-1 of the most bloody ranking.  

    Niagara has potential broken 2nd skill and she is 10x hits so everybody went on crazy getting her. At first, i did not think about ranking but when i got 2 bonus SR i changed my mind. My team was only GUR Valiant Bellona no armor  and some cool buffer but i could reached top 300 in mid-ranking. However, in the end, i couldnt stand here, ended up with 324. So much satly that i burned allmost swords, shoes, jewels and even skipped…

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  • Chad Pattan

    Merry Christmas, all.

    I like this idea of quarterly updates.  There don't seem to be enough positive changes to do otherwise.  

    I turned my Alliance over to my next powerful member and left.  The Vice had long since abandoned the game - this was a guy who logged in more than I did and participated in every ABB - and I was down to 6 active members, of which half were skipping events.  It was extremely difficult to recruit people.  It wasn't fair to them for me to hold Leader when I simply don't have the energy for it anymore.  Really heartbreaking in a way.

    With the changes it's clear that MyNet is trying to now encourage event participation in lieu of random drops by making the event cards Abyssal Archwitch boost cards, and trying to encourag…

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