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  • Zykkia101 (aka CETO)

    The alliance I'm in is just so inactive. Only two members, including myself, are the only one really doing something like the bingo battles and etc. I'm not strong nor am I weak. I'm active but only when I have the time. I have school sadly grrrr. Recommend me some alliances that ain't tough on new peeps and that most of the members are active. I will be leaving my alliance soon.... been in there for almost 4 years /sigh/

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  • Zykkia101 (aka CETO)

    Since there is an SR and a R card amalgamation list there should also be a UR one too oh and also do the SR list updates?

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  • Blue August

    So yea, forgot about the game after the event with the Diva Mika, came back since I saw a bunch of notifications for "LR" cards that sounded interesting, did the ticket summon and then got Wise Oracle, lucky me! And then I saw the abilities and I rolled on the floor laughing, is this the norm now?

    I'm seeing custom skills, Advance+ EH, abysmal AWs, thor's hammers and stuff, anyone wanna explain these changes to a lvl+150, lazy but always under 2k player? And what's the new average in terms of cards/abilities, rankings, ect?

    Thankies in advance!

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  • VeiRetning

    Occasionally Mynet gets generous and gives us a free UR Mirror Maiden or we finally earned enough ABB Rings/UR Mirror Maiden Shards to exchange for one. As the UR Mirror Maiden is quite rare, we would not want to waste her and use her on a less ideal card. The list below gives an idea what are the possible UR Mirror Maiden worthy UR Cards.

    Disclaimer - What is worthy might be different for you base on your needs, requirements and taste ;)

    Note: Many cards belong to more than 1 category below which increases the value of that card for UR Mirror Maiden considerations.

    Without Further Ado here is the list(Skills are after becoming GUR) in no particular order

    - Any 9x or higher Multihitter(E.g. Halloween Hades)
    - Card with unique and less commonly a…

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  • Choocolatiah

    God Scheherazade looks weird ><

    A 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon is now available for a limited time!

    The previously released LR cards [WISE ORACLE], [LAZY ALCHEMIST], and [DEEP SUCCUBUS] will be reissued in the 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon!

    In addition, this summon will also feature the new LR card 「GOD SCHEHERAZADE」!

    This is a 10-card summon, and the LR appearance rate will increase by 2% after each summon until a LR card is obtained!!

    ※The appearance rate will reset if a LR card is obtained.

    For the 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon, instead of 3000, the first summon will be only 600!

    Plus! LR All-Star★Summon Tickets obtained as 4th Anniversary special login bonuses can also be used to perform this summon!

    ■Newly Added Card


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  • Zykkia101 (aka CETO)

    Invite code

    March 26, 2017 by Zykkia101 (aka CETO)

    How long will it be till the next update of the invite code? How long does it actually take to refresh it?

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  • Felee

    So after spending keys in modes Intermediate through Advanced+, it seems that when using a Multi-hit x Salvo team, Intermediate and Intermediate+ are roughly equal at giving the most points in EH, about 340-380K per battle for 3 battles. Without overkill teams in the last two modes, Advanced+ comes next (~150K/battle), and lastly Advanced (~80K/battle). So I was womdering, should it be okay to have Inter and Inter+ yield the most points, or should it be Advanced+? A similar situation has happened in EH before Mynet adjust the points to ecourage fighting in Advanced Hall, and people were generally fine with that. I guess we can list some pros and cons of making Adv+ king of points, and we'll decide from there.

    First, the pros. It would make …

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  • Choocolatiah

    Don't expect it...

    Sorry to disappoint but MyNet probably forgot about it. I, for myself, am only disappointed with it cause I was expecting to get Alchemist's prettiest version ever released so far. (My blog, my opinion :P) Well, unless she's gonna be the returning card but with no anniversary event this year, it's not guaranteed. *cries*

    Next event is titled The Rarest of Stones and it will run from 2017 March 14-27. It will feature the Archwitch Great DMG cards Mineria, Stone Elf and Dr. Mole. And based from the list of unreleased cards, the event cards are probably Mercurius, Adele, Sentinel Adele, Hermes..

    And oh, before I forgot, next event will feature the . Ugh. On a side note, the events (Summer Ends With a Bang! and Halloween Confession…

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  • Lycheejane

    As we settle into a nice routine - turn-skipper event, ABB event, salt-inducing Relena event - I thought it might be interesting to use Valkyrie Crusade’s recent history to analyse what makes an event good or bad. Do not fear, there is a TL;DR at the end.

    You might be familiar with the feeling of counting down the seconds until your time zone’s equivalent of JST noon on the day a new event starts. This translates to two p.m. for me, at which time I am usually at school, so at the start of last period you can find me frantically refreshing the details page until it goes live. Often, the in-game news and the details page, which lists the skills of the available Fantasy Archwitches and ranking rewards and describes the process necessary to ob…

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  • PrimeXam

    VC Journal (7/3)

    March 7, 2017 by PrimeXam

    This may be a short post. I ran out of things to talk about some time back, so I haven't posted here in a while. Has my opinion changed since my last post? Well, not really. 

    I haven't been paying attention to the News, so apologies if I did not mention any newly released features. First off, the new rarity: LR. Well, I'm not really sure what to say here, and I haven't really checked them out until writing this blog post, and all I can say is that they're really good, I guess. Sorry if it sounded lackluster, but I don't have any LRs at the moment to see firsthand how good they are in my opinion. Managing to hit the damage cap is good enough for me, so I think I can handle myself if I don't get an LR, just saying. As for Custom Skills, they'…

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  • Fugetsu Murakumo


    March 1, 2017 by Fugetsu Murakumo

    Over the past like 2 month I have had around 30 duels from the same person. I wonder if anyone know how they do that pinpointing cuz no matter how i looked i can't seem to find a function that does that in VC

    thanks in advance

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    This is too much

    February 24, 2017 by Fuguruma Rin

    Hopefully this won't be full of salt, believe it or not it's not my goal to be salty.

    But I think Mynet threw a bit too much at us. At least, that's the reason I got so upset with this event. Now that I've had a couple days to digest the thing that is LR Relena, I've realized that this event isn't really the worst thing to happen to me with VC.

    Okay, so what I mean by giving us too much is that I feel that they introduced the Amalgamating LRs a little too early - The few LR cards in the game are still currently the one thing that everyone either loves or hates (similar to the awakening feature when it was first introduced). They're still rather new; too new to introduce an event where you can create one - with enough swords, shoes, and salt th…

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  • StarRuin

    Its personal opinion on both 2 parts.

    My friend who cashed several times for VC (quitted for 1 year) told me that he had been surprised when i had been lasted for that long-2 years (actually since 2012 but i changed acc a lots). At 1st, VC was fine when there were not so mamy card games could run on BlueStack and VC suited my taste-fine art and fine game play (Otogi and Ayakashi which had same artist had the best art but they were so boring that i deleted after 1 day). Every changes in VC is ok with me (even a 700 cards/ box summon when Hi-chan came back was still a real nightmare), AAW is quite good when it brings me 1-2 UR tickets, i dont care much about LR or RR while im lazy and dont have enough good decks; and sometime that F/AWs dont …

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  • Choocolatiah

    Recipe Skills

    February 22, 2017 by Choocolatiah
    Please refer to Custom Skills. This blog post will no longer be updated. TY!

    Custom skills can be equipped on "LR" and "HLR" cards to make them even more powerful! They will activate as a battle progresses and the turn counter reaches 0. The creation of custom skills requires Celestial Water, Skill Recipes, and Skill Cores.

    All of the custom skills that can be created are attacking skills. There are 56 total recipe skills that can be created but they can be grouped in 6, depending on the Skill Core material needed to create them.

    A skill that deals DMG to all enemies at the end of the required number of turns.

    Recipe Name Max Level Effect
    All Enemies DMG Recipe (★1) Deal 1000% DMG to all enemies
    All Enemies DMG Recipe (★2) Deal 1500% DMG to all …

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  • VeiRetning

    My very first Blog, pardon me if there's any mistakes.

    Let's say if we are already planning to buy the 3 Shoe/2 Sword package from the shop for 300 jewels and buying 2 of them, that will cost us 600 jewels total.

    By spending 900 jewels to do the 1st time LR summon, we are getting 110 Maiden Tickets which if we add 10 more Maiden Tickets to make it 120, we can trade the 120 Maiden Tickets for 3 Shoes/2 Swords two times which is 600 jewels worth in the shop.

    That means

    1. If we don't count the additional topping up of 10 Maiden Ticket, and
    2. Assuming we plan to buy the 3 shoe/2 sword package two times for 600 jewels

    We are actually spending only 300 jewels for a try at 11 cards, which although not likely, gives us a chance to summon the LR card. Beside…

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  • Chad Pattan

    Greetings all.  I'm a shade early from my promised quarterly, but enough has changed to make it worth the early update. I think.

    Let's see where we're at.  I have sorted things around.

    This wasn't done, but they did improve it and addressed a concern I had.  First, Fever Time is now exclusive to you, not (ab)usable by the team.  Your Fever does not benefit anyone else but you.  Why's this good?  Because it encourages participation and competition within the Alliance as well.  If you take up the Bingo spaces that give stars, you're going to stand out as MVP and thus get bonus rings.  You also now get a bonus for being the best defender, which is a complaint I had.  Now there's disincentive to just throw a garbage defender team out there.

    This …

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  • Choocolatiah


    January 24, 2017 by Choocolatiah

    Just some random thoughts while bored at work and likewise bored from current event:

    Gone were the days where I speculate what will be the skill/element/art of the next LAW, only to be crushed by mynet once they release final card data. (I'm looking at you Santiclaus, I hoped you'd be a dark "not random" unleasher XD). I prefer a LAW that will drop (even if it's all RNG), a LAW that is not the ranking reward in 4 events. I want a new LAW, not an old LAW that I can get through Legendary summon tickets. Maybe I'll change my opinion on this once mynet change the lineup of Legendary summon to much better cards, like current lineup minus Jeanne D'Arc (I only like your reverse evolution!) and Sacred Amaterasu (I don't hate her, but her AoE skill …

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  • Paraii1000

    I don`t konw what happened.

    But who can tell me a lv16 account(his id means "10th") how to win 100 battles in a row.

    I have heard some people made hack tool to change the proc rate and let it activate infinitely.

    Now it may be true.

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    I'm going to admit something I'm not proud of: I got lazy during an event when farming is key. Hence, As of this morning, I had just amalgated my first UR Sally (with Rare Sallys, of course). But uh...we all know that Sally's SC is rather lacking, and to be perfectly honest needs to be a GUR in order to work the best. 

    But how was I going to get 8 Rare Sally's to make another perfect UR?

    I had work today, as well as some house cleaning I'd been meaning to do for a while. (Oh, by the way...70s adhesive makes your hands REALLLLY sticky and dry. Like, my fingers made a rubbery sound when I rubbed them together). But that's beside the point. 

    Anyway, I decided to play VC during whatever freetime I had. By 7pm, I had 20 Katrinas, 5 Dancing Sallys, a…

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  • Felee

    I want to reflect on the year of 2016 and talk about how hard it was to rank in the events we had for last year. Hard meaning competition between players was fierce. These include all normal events from "A Celestial Shrine Visit" to "Holy Night! No One at the Gate". Side events like Bounty Hunt's are excluded. First, some Honorable Mentions, in chronological order.

    "A Celestial Shrine Visit "- This one wasn't that hard, but it was a very lengthy 3 weeks of an event, and 2 weeks of EH farming. There were also an Item Exchange for us to encourage more grinding. Tha amount of time alone though is why this gets an honorable mention.

    "Moonlight Rumble "- This one did not feature an EH, and it would be the first time all points were nerfed. Pure s…

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  • StarRuin

    Ranking drama of a f2p

    December 28, 2016 by StarRuin

    Im weak and lazy so i rarely try to rank, but when i want to rank, that event has tough ranking.

    1/ 1st ranking in Mika event. 

    At this time i had Ishikore-Dome as my main attacker, so Diva Mika  was super nice. Farmed days and night, and top 1000 was not so hard.

    2/ Summer end with bang-1 of the most bloody ranking.  

    Niagara has potential broken 2nd skill and she is 10x hits so everybody went on crazy getting her. At first, i did not think about ranking but when i got 2 bonus SR i changed my mind. My team was only GUR Valiant Bellona no armor  and some cool buffer but i could reached top 300 in mid-ranking. However, in the end, i couldnt stand here, ended up with 324. So much satly that i burned allmost swords, shoes, jewels and even skipped…

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  • Chad Pattan

    Merry Christmas, all.

    I like this idea of quarterly updates.  There don't seem to be enough positive changes to do otherwise.  

    I turned my Alliance over to my next powerful member and left.  The Vice had long since abandoned the game - this was a guy who logged in more than I did and participated in every ABB - and I was down to 6 active members, of which half were skipping events.  It was extremely difficult to recruit people.  It wasn't fair to them for me to hold Leader when I simply don't have the energy for it anymore.  Really heartbreaking in a way.

    With the changes it's clear that MyNet is trying to now encourage event participation in lieu of random drops by making the event cards Abyssal Archwitch boost cards, and trying to encourag…

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  • Deruu

    started playing again..

    December 14, 2016 by Deruu

    (Please note that english is not my main language) I remember quiting the game a while after UR cards had been released. I was young and a sucky player ha,,, Now that I came back and started a new game, I found the game to be a lot easier and more enjoyable. I have always been a free player, it'll stay that way lol

    Back then in 2013-2014 it was hArd to get good cards. I see many people complaining about how it works now but it really used to be worse. I've been playing for almost 3 months again now, and getting into the game as a newbie is still a challenge, but getting good SRs and the free event UR cards is easy. I still dont bother with ranking a lot (highest rank is 2177), but I'm suprised how freely they hand out the event UR cards. …

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    I haven't even maxed out Rahu's hearts, but I can't find it in myself to care. This event was one big let-down for me, mainly because of the Amrit stuff. Astronomical prices for Gilgamesh, and the highest drop we can get is 99 drops from EH if we're lucky.

    I haven't hit the 1k mark for Amrit, but I'll hit that with the RR I'm getting, so I might just grab the Spell and wait until Gilgamesh appears again. That way, half of it is already done with. No way in HELL can I get 2k Amrit by the end of this event. I'm trying to save my shoes and swords, dammit!

    The whole lack of Amrit thing is partially my fault as well, for not pushing myself as hard as I usually do.

    The fact that December translates to Test and Project month in school doesn't help t…

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  • Inhandra

    State of the Kingdom

    December 3, 2016 by Inhandra

    Now that I've passed my anniversary date, I wanted to take a look back at what I've accomplished during my first year.

    Level: 146
    GURs: 9
    GSRs: 3 (includes perfect Griffin)
    HURs: 13
    Single URs: 13
    Awakening backlog: 20 cards
    Magic School: Level 6
    Castle: Level 11
    Ward: Level 5
    Kingdom expansions: All done except those requiring a leveled-up Airship Dock
    Second kingdom cleared: Finished
    Arena: Level 2
    Parliament buildings: 3 at Level 10
    Great Temple: 3 at Level 10
    Goddess Statue: 2 at Level 10
    Ice Tower: 3 at Level 10
    Shrine of Light: 3 at Level 10
    Fire Ruins: 3 at Level 10
    Pagan Hall: 3 at Level 10
    Fountain: 2 at Level 10
    Barracks: 3 at Level 10
    Saloon: 3 at Level 10
    Gold/Ether/Iron storehouses: 24 at Level 10
    Gold/Ether/Iron generators: 36 at Level 10
    Workshops: …

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    LR Summon

    November 30, 2016 by Fuguruma Rin

    I was chatting with a bunch of my VC friends on instagram about the upcoming LR summon, and what we expected, or hoped, for it.

    I'm going to write the couple of points we all agreed on below.

    - No rares in it. Probably not going to happen, but it would be nice to have the lowest rarity be SR. I mean, personally I medal most of them anyway (except Chronos. I need Chronos)

    - Hopefully a larger pool of LRs than just Fenrir (maybe Oracle; but the news said she was exclusive to the summon, right?) and for the love of god Mynet, GIVE MIA ANOHTER SHOT! 

    - Gives out LR tickets during campaigns and other stuff. (For example: Happy New Year! Here's one LR ticket!) Once again, pretty optimistic.

    The reason why I wrote this is because I want Relena's Chall…

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  • Inhandra


    November 22, 2016 by Inhandra

    The event wasn't quite as much a disappointment as I feared it would be. It was still a very unproductive event. I got Lilith's drop for max hearts in the last few hours of the event. If not for that, I would have no UR at all. I got 2x
    Barbaitos, 1x Sigrun (random (F)AW drop), and 1x Shelly (another random drop). I had to put all of my vitality and battle points into Barbaitos and Lilith, skipping WG and EH altogether. It's amazing I still made the top 5000 in the end. My rank got me my 3rd Guaranteed UR Ticket. I decided to go ahead and use them, getting Baton Twirler, Caspiel, and Premium Prize. It's almost guaranteed I'll never get a second copy of any of them, but maybe they can replace a single SR that I'll (also) probably never get a…

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  • Inhandra

    A Dark and Dreary Autumn

    November 11, 2016 by Inhandra

    Not much to say about this event. I made the top 5000, enough for a Guaranteed UR ticket. I collected 10 Volts (and 5 Treats), enough for 2 perfect HUR Hrungnirs. I got a dropped UR as well. The HURs and single UR are a boon to my Light team. It won't be enough for me to advance to Intermediate level in Light, but it gets me significantly closer. I also got lots of Joker staffs, Joker canes, and wings, but only one Joker and no fairies.

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  • Inhandra

    Bounty Hunt redux

    October 31, 2016 by Inhandra

    Did you take a week off the game because of the Bounty Hunt? At first I was tempted to after my experience with the last one. And then I saw what was there. I was fairly new when Rossa and company were new. Elemental Hall and Witch Gate were well beyond my ability, so Nina was out. On the VC subreddit, 0megawar finished off a lot of level 200 AWs for me. This was enough to get my first and second HSRs, viz. Rossa and Rossa. I still use them today in Elemental Hall, but I was willing to give them up to get Nina. They are not going away after all because I drew enough of Rossa and Palmoa for a perfect HUR Nina. (The */**/*** ticket system was an improvement over the previous bounty hunt.) I even drew a President's Armband. The only thing I w…

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    Unreleased Cards

    October 28, 2016 by Fuguruma Rin

    So, basing off what I've seen with the unreleased cards, we might have an event with AAW skill cards? By that I mean skills like Yggsdrasil.

    And when is Vegie going to be released? I want that little potato! 

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    One Star Summon

    October 25, 2016 by Fuguruma Rin

    So, since there's no 10x summon option on the one star summon, how many times have you had to hit that thing?

    My high score is 97.

    Also, Mynet. Really? A jewel option but no 10x summon option? Greedy Mynet. I'm gonna get arthritis in my hands because of you.

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  • Murine5

    Valkyrie Crusade Poll

    October 23, 2016 by Murine5

    Hello everyone, I'm a user by the name of Muri and have noticed there could be some improvements about Valkyrie Crusade. If you could take the time to take this poll at your input as the Valkyrie Crusade Community would be highly appreciated

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  • Inhandra

    The temple in the sand

    October 12, 2016 by Inhandra

    It was great in the middle but ended in disappointment.

    I've continued to upgrade my "structures" so that all three for cool are now level 10 and all three for passion will be level 10 in about a week. I leveled up the Magic School, gaining 1BP. I have 4 all-time LAW defeats, including my first ever. I played Intermediate Level for the first time in Light and Passion, but I was successful only in the latter. I got 5x Leviathan. I also got my second Snow White which awakened on second try.

    The disappointment is that I only got 4x Batur. I have to use 3 of my 4 Stolen Treasures to get another Saurva. That leaves one left over for another Batur (good only for medals) and Captain Saurva is out of reach forever. It's like having
    failed to reach th…

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  • Inhandra

    My first defeat of a LAW

    October 6, 2016 by Inhandra

    At one time it took me 8BP to defeat a level 200 AW. At one time I could defeat a level 300 FAW in 1-3BP but couldn't do even 30K damage to a LAW. Now for the first and so far only time I have beaten a LAW (and set a new record for most points gained in a single battle).

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  • Islost
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  • Inhandra

    Summer ends with a blast

    September 29, 2016 by Inhandra

    This event was far more satisfying than the one before it. I still didn't do as well as I would have liked because I had less time to put into the game.

    I drew two Sparky cards from the box. Near the end I finally had enough SRs to amalgamate a Sparky. So I end up with a mixed HUR plus a single UR. I also drew two Thunderbolts. And I got 692 more cores.

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  • Shanedragonsteel

    I dont like the new event box , the old way i could get cards alot eaiser , i wouldnt mind it as much if it werent 200 N , thats abit to extreme , i know you get like 100+ summon tickets from event , but it can all be nerfed , as long as you dont have to go through 200N to get to 1 SR or even 300+ cards for 1 UR , it feels like step up then. I wouldnt mind as much if they kept the Box summon the same but added the old system to , that way you can atleast get both AW instead of just one , and also be able to get deseried cards for horrible RNG people.

    Alliance battels: I dont relly care for , my allaince died when i came back , and when i started i thought getting UR and SR copy card was WAY To hard without paying , still do.

    I want the FAW ,…

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  • Shanedragonsteel

    So today i learned , im a fuck up , im still learning about things and no one ever told me much about this game , 

    I have 2 UR , and love collecting cards , So ill be making blogs from now on , about major gains , Example: GAINED UR Demise (not relly). or EX: Gained HSR: Dragon Princess

    Some questions i have will be posted in my message wall , ill be using the rest of my blog for other stuff to , like random events.

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  • Chad Pattan

    Too far, MyNet. Too far.

    September 21, 2016 by Chad Pattan

    Yet another long sprint since the last posting.  I think I've devolved from a casual player into someone who just keeps the Alliance running.

    We've had quite a few events now that seem to be moving in the wrong direction.

    • No longer can you get cards from random drops.
    • No longer are there any new R cards being created.
    • There is a significant increase in RNG throughout the game.
    • Cards have been released that are basically game breaking.

    Back when MyNet took over, I put together a wishlist of items I wanted from them that I felt Nubee was blatantly deficient in.  They have answered some of my wishes.  Here's that list again to see where we're at.

    Not done.

    Not done

    Not done.

    This one's a headache.  There's "strategy" but it's embedded in basically nerfi…

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  • DuckyChanQuack

    This is my current Hunting Team from my alt account Attack 39999(61198) Def 39999(9199) Skill: Star Maker Lv 10 Unleash a single ally's skill 30% chance SC: 20575 (GUR) Element: Light Cost 86 Attack 39999(57998) Def 39999(5999) Skill: Acting Master Lv 10 Unleash a single ally's skill 30% chance SC: 20728 (GUR) Element: Cool Cost 87 Attack 39999(61198) Def 39999(9199) Skill: Royal Road Lv 10 All allies atk and def up 200% 20% chance SC: 21130 (GUR) Element: Light Cost 84 Attack 12844(19651) Def 2115(4856) Skill: Lv 10 All enemies can't move for 6 turns 15% chance SC: 9411 (GSR) Elem…

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  • Choocolatiah

    That 135/105...

    September 16, 2016 by Choocolatiah

    I was browsing the in-game Help menu when I came upon the Awekening topic. I ignored it at first view but something bugged me and just to satiate my curiosity, I checked the topic again. And true enough, there was something unusual with the topic. That 135/105. Having a total number of cards much greater than card limit, I wonder how they did that. I can only think of 2 explanations. One is unacceptable (hacking). The other is just justifying the reason - 'cause they're the developers'. Ehh, putting it like that makes it unacceptable either... =_= I don't know, maybe just because I don't want to see  something that is impossible to happen in the normal and legal sense. And to put it in the Help section where everyone can see that 'irregula…

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  • Inhandra

    Bounty Hunt

    September 16, 2016 by Inhandra

    I'm happy this event is ending. I just can't find anything good to say about it. It's like Mynet was out to punish everyone who can't make the Top 100 and/or buy a lot of swords and shoes.

    I did OK with Nezha, Monkey, and the level 300 FAW version of Empress Cleopatra. A nullifier was useless because they use some kind of skill on every turn. I did not get fielded often so I did beat them in 1bp almost every time. I  had no drops of any of them which is not surprising considering the high vitality per step plus the low chance of seeing Nezha or Monkey when stepping. I got about 100 victories over Nezha and Monkey combined. Normally I would have 150-200 AW victories in a week's time. I had 13 Empress Cleopatra victories. Normally I would hav…

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  • DuckyChanQuack

    Lost account......

    September 14, 2016 by DuckyChanQuack

    I have possible lost my main account it failed to find my account linked to my twitter ..... i emailed support but... sadly i never kept track of the ID number thats on the support tab... so i will be using an alt account i have ..... sucks cause i really liked the cards on my main account thats all over my page just gotta wait to see what mynet says .... might be out of luck cause no support ID was kept so this time around I wrote down my support ID for my alt account incase this ever happens in the future....sigh-

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  • DuckyChanQuack

    My URs

    September 13, 2016 by DuckyChanQuack


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  • Inhandra

    Paris's Decision

    September 9, 2016 by Inhandra

    This event reminded me of Paris having to choose (at Zeus's command) the fairest among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. His choice helped bring on the Trojan War. I can understand Zeus not rooting for Hera. I have never heard of him trying to help get Athena picked. Even though Paris got picked for his reputation for fairness, I don't see why Zeus wouldn't be above trying to help Athena.

    I got a new highest all-time rank. What really made the difference was how often Goddess Cynthia appeared. It also helped that Yuzuki was confined to one area. I can see the difference in my victory counts, viz. Diana much lower than normal for AW and GC much higher than normal for FAW/300. My progress points were also below normal.

    Thanks to everyone who sent m…

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  • DuckyChanQuack

    I would Like to ask out of all these what makes the best team combo if i make due with what i currently have :33 all comments are welcomed

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    Bounty Hunt?

    September 8, 2016 by Fuguruma Rin

    What does everyone think about the new Bounty Hunt event?

    Personally, I find it kinda interesting. The idea of having multiple different rewards seems kinda cool, and Mynet might put out some good cards. I really need a card with an atk skill, cause most of the UR's I have are the more recent FAW's. However, if the cards aren't any good I might skip on this event. Or take it slow, I'm trying to stock up so I can actually rank in another event. 

    What do you all think? This sounds kinda weird coming from me, but I like to hear people's opinions on things.

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  • DuckyChanQuack

    Law/Faw/Aw Hunt Team

    September 6, 2016 by DuckyChanQuack
    With Hunt TeamDuckyChanQuack 

    My Witch Hunt Team

    'GUR Neos' Attack 20086 (+9038) Defense 20096 (+3014) Cost:86  Soldiers: 20383/20383 Element:CoolSkill: Lv 10 Termination Program( 

    GUR Regea Attack 39999 (+17999) Defense 37531 (+5629) Cost:86  Soldiers: 19452/19452Element:Cool Skill: Lv 10 Regea Live Deal 200% Cool Dmg to all enemies/ Unable to move 3 Turns(enemies) (

    GUR Sundered Spirit Attack 19130 (+8608) Defense 19129 (+2869) Cost:81 Soldiers: 19750/19750 Element:Cool Skill: Lv 10  Mansion Wall All Cool allies Attack/Defense up 300% 20% chance (

    GUR Jean Attack 21347(+9606) Defense 20396 (+3059) Cost:8…

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  • Felyndiira

    With the advent of the new Level 500, continuously snowballing FAW - Yuzuki - a lot of old FAW killing teams are now seeing increased failure rates.  A number of players - out of frustration - had switched to different teams to attempt to maximize points by overkilling her, while still somehow keeping her snowballing in check so that she doesn't wipe out their entire deck.  It's also likely that we will have other FAWs similar to her, so building a team that can take her on is very important.

    There are some players that stuck with variations of old Buffer/10Hit/Unleasher teams, but most players decided to add some form of debuffer or turn skipper to try to control the snowballing.  If you listen to the wiki discussions, both teams seem to h…

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    LAWs rant

    September 1, 2016 by Fuguruma Rin

    Edit 9/3/16: I took it down. Omg I don't remember writing half of that. I'm literally dying of embarrassment over here I'm SO sorry you had to see that. God I get so angry so easily! 

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