For more information on the awakening process, see Awakening.

Note: The awakening cost listed here is a general guideline. Each card's actual cost and chance of success is listed on the individual card.

HSR available for Awakening
Passion Great Passion Cool Great Cool Light Great Light Dark Great Dark

4th Hammer H icon4th Hammer
Ai H iconAi
Alchemist Ex H iconAlchemist Ex
Alice H iconAlice
Amaterasu H iconAmaterasu
Ame-No-Uzume H iconAme-No-Uzume
Amy H iconAmy
Anise H iconAnise
Anna H iconAnna
Aurora Captain Cook G iconAurora Captain Cook
Baku H iconBaku
Beatty H iconBeatty
Cacao H iconCacao
Captain Cook H iconCaptain Cook
Captain Kidd H iconCaptain Kidd
Chamuel H iconChamuel
Chocolate Maker H iconChocolate Maker
Christine H iconChristine
Coorie H iconCoorie
Curtana H iconCurtana
Dame Ridill G iconDame Ridill
Dr. Mole H iconDr. Mole
Eliza H iconEliza
Elune H iconElune
Enforcer H iconEnforcer
Ensemble H iconEnsemble
Evil Lady H iconEvil Lady
Firecracker H iconFirecracker
Fortuna H iconFortuna
Griffin H iconGriffin
Heartthrob H iconHeartthrob
Hestia H iconHestia
Ichthyo H iconIchthyo
Izumo No Okuni H iconIzumo No Okuni
Jasmine H iconJasmine
Journalist H iconJournalist
Killer Idol H iconKiller Idol
Kokkuri Fox H iconKokkuri Fox
Madre H iconMadre
Midry H iconMidry
Nami H iconNami
Ogma H iconOgma
Oinari H iconOinari
Omikoshi H iconOmikoshi
Omoikane H iconOmoikane
Patience H iconPatience
Pianta H iconPianta
Poltergeist H iconPoltergeist
Precious Amy G iconPrecious Amy
Ridill H iconRidill
Rokumonsen H iconRokumonsen
Salir H iconSalir
Securie H iconSecurie
Sgt. Dynamite H iconSgt. Dynamite
Soul Eater H iconSoul Eater
Sound Spirit H iconSound Spirit
Spider Web H iconSpider Web
Sticker Freak H iconSticker Freak
Sulis H iconSulis
Tomoe H iconTomoe
Uranus H iconUranus
Virago Ichthyo G iconVirago Ichthyo
Whipper H iconWhipper
Zenobia H iconZenobia

Agatha H iconAgatha
Akashic Record H iconAkashic Record
Alien H iconAlien
Aludra H iconAludra
Amore Tenderness G iconAmore Tenderness
Assault Reporter H iconAssault Reporter
Brush Master H iconBrush Master
Capella H iconCapella
Cetus H iconCetus
Chaucer H iconChaucer
Clarice H iconClarice
Cthulhu H iconCthulhu
Dantalion H iconDantalion
Daredevil H iconDaredevil
Delice H iconDelice
Finette H iconFinette
Flower Fairy H iconFlower Fairy
Freshman Seven H iconFreshman Seven
Frigg H iconFrigg
Gerhilde H iconGerhilde
Goldust H iconGoldust
Grumpy Princess H iconGrumpy Princess
Hermes H iconHermes
Himiko H iconHimiko
Huwawa H iconHuwawa
Infeliz H iconInfeliz
Kagura H iconKagura
Larxsus H iconLarxsus
Leviathan Ex H iconLeviathan Ex
Lira H iconLira
Lisay H iconLisay
Luce H iconLuce
Mahadevi H iconMahadevi
Maid Droid H iconMaid Droid
Manager H iconManager
Mani H iconMani
Mega Mover H iconMega Mover
Melle H iconMelle
Mithrin H iconMithrin
Momiji H iconMomiji
Nakisawame H iconNakisawame
Neptune H iconNeptune
Nott H iconNott
Organo-Mechanic H iconOrgano-Mechanic
Orihime H iconOrihime
Ortlinde H iconOrtlinde
Prismatic Master H iconPrismatic Master
Reverie H iconReverie
Sacred Sol H iconSacred Sol
Saketoke H iconSaketoke
Seashell H iconSeashell
Shelly H iconShelly
Sigrun H iconSigrun
Sinbad H iconSinbad
Skadi H iconSkadi
Snake Disciple H iconSnake Disciple
Solomon H iconSolomon
Soul Dowser H iconSoul Dowser
Spade H iconSpade
Tenderness H iconTenderness
Teyr H iconTeyr
Thermae H iconThermae
Thuries H iconThuries
Tovare H iconTovare
Toyokumono H iconToyokumono
True Lira G iconTrue Lira
Tzitzimitl H iconTzitzimitl
Umbrella Phantom H iconUmbrella Phantom
Vasariah H iconVasariah
White Night H iconWhite Night
Zephyrus H iconZephyrus
Zver H iconZver

Aero H iconAero
Amadeus H iconAmadeus
Amethyst H iconAmethyst
Ancile H iconAncile
Apollo H iconApollo
Arum H iconArum
Astraea H iconAstraea
Bastia H iconBastia
Blazing Muspell G iconBlazing Muspell
Card Collector H iconCard Collector
Celara H iconCelara
Celestial Hades H iconCelestial Hades
Chronos H iconChronos
Dinosaur H iconDinosaur
Dr. Feelgood H iconDr. Feelgood
Enlil H iconEnlil
Erin H iconErin
Eunice H iconEunice
Fiona H iconFiona
Flora H iconFlora
Gem Christmas G iconGem Christmas
Gem Noir H iconGem Noir
Harnett H iconHarnett
Heaven's Gate H iconHeaven's Gate
Kiki H iconKiki
Li Linfu H iconLi Linfu
Lirissa H iconLirissa
Lock Heart H iconLock Heart
Luluka H iconLuluka
Lynette H iconLynette
Maestra Luluka G iconMaestra Luluka
Manticore H iconManticore
Metatron H iconMetatron
Mikaity H iconMikaity
Morphium H iconMorphium
Morphium New Year G iconMorphium New Year
Muspell H iconMuspell
Narukami H iconNarukami
Nausicaa H iconNausicaa
Niumri H iconNiumri
Palella H iconPalella
Parvati H iconParvati
Pele H iconPele
Penemue H iconPenemue
Pincho H iconPincho
Ping H iconPing
Polaris H iconPolaris
Pudding H iconPudding
Qilin H iconQilin
Quraly H iconQuraly
Rosetta H iconRosetta
Ruler Girl H iconRuler Girl
Saint H iconSaint
Soell H iconSoell
Star Shower H iconStar Shower
Stardust H iconStardust
Sterix H iconSterix
Talisman H iconTalisman
Teatime H iconTeatime
Teresa H iconTeresa
Thor H iconThor
Uriel H iconUriel
Vesti H iconVesti
Vidar H iconVidar
Vulthoom H iconVulthoom
Warm Milk H iconWarm Milk
Zofia H iconZofia

3rd Hammer H icon3rd Hammer
Adonis H iconAdonis
Ambrosi H iconAmbrosi
Amfor H iconAmfor
Anya H iconAnya
Asta H iconAsta
Balam H iconBalam
Biblio H iconBiblio
Bona H iconBona
Candy H iconCandy
Cao Cao H iconCao Cao
Chandra H iconChandra
Chang'E H iconChang'E
Comfy Cat H iconComfy Cat
Corvus H iconCorvus
Court Lady Anya G iconCourt Lady Anya
Data Scanner H iconData Scanner
Doris H iconDoris
Eleusis H iconEleusis
Erakis H iconErakis
Eucharis H iconEucharis
Farris H iconFarris
Fennec H iconFennec
Forneus H iconForneus
Fuga H iconFuga
Fukori H iconFukori
Glasya H iconGlasya
Hell's Kitchen H iconHell's Kitchen
High Succubus H iconHigh Succubus
High Vampire H iconHigh Vampire
Inadama H iconInadama
Infernal Hades H iconInfernal Hades
Jack-O'-Sisters H iconJack-O'-Sisters
Joker H iconJoker
Joker (Cane) iconJoker (Cane)
Joker (Sickle) iconJoker (Sickle)
Kendama H iconKendama
Kotka H iconKotka
Lilim H iconLilim
Lovely H iconLovely
Mascotte H iconMascotte
Merlin H iconMerlin
Polar Night H iconPolar Night
Pretty Kitty H iconPretty Kitty
Producer H iconProducer
Queen Succubus H iconQueen Succubus
Randgrith H iconRandgrith
Rathgrith H iconRathgrith
Rientes H iconRientes
Ripple H iconRipple
Ruel H iconRuel
Sanja H iconSanja
Slime Guardian H iconSlime Guardian
Snow White H iconSnow White
Star Erakis G iconStar Erakis
Susa-No-O H iconSusa-No-O
Sylphis H iconSylphis
Tiel H iconTiel
Tino H iconTino
Vallee H iconVallee
Vampire H iconVampire
Vermillion H iconVermillion
Virus Killer H iconVirus Killer
Vrykolakas H iconVrykolakas
Watz H iconWatz
Weaponsmith H iconWeaponsmith
Yuki Onna H iconYuki Onna

Required Items:
Passion Crystal Crystal x0

Passion Orb Orb x1
Passion Stone (L) L Stone x5
Passion Stone (M) M Stone x10
Passion Stone (S) S Stone x15

Cool Crystal Crystal x0

Cool Orb Orb x1
Cool Stone (L) L Stone x5
Cool Stone (M) M Stone x10
Cool Stone (S) S Stone x15

Light Crystal Crystal x0

Light Orb Orb x1
Light Stone (L) L Stone x5
Light Stone (M) M Stone x10
Light Stone (S) S Stone x15

Dark Crystal Crystal x0

Dark Orb Orb x1
Dark Stone (L) L Stone x5
Dark Stone (M) M Stone x10
Dark Stone (S) S Stone x15

HUR available for Awakening
Passion Great Passion Cool Great Cool Light Great Light Dark Great Dark

Alexia H iconAlexia
Alien Hypnos H iconAlien Hypnos
Almace H iconAlmace
Amanojaku H iconAmanojaku
Amaymon H iconAmaymon
Ana H iconAna
Anat H iconAnat
Angelic Page G iconAngelic Page
Aoide H iconAoide
Arpa H iconArpa
Aurora Galileo G iconAurora Galileo
Aurora Mirei G iconAurora Mirei
Baton Twirler H iconBaton Twirler
Belisama H iconBelisama
Bookworm H iconBookworm
Bounty Knight H iconBounty Knight
Brook H iconBrook
Bumpkin H iconBumpkin
Cacao Hunter H iconCacao Hunter
Cacao Knight H iconCacao Knight
Cake Lover H iconCake Lover
Candy Cannon H iconCandy Cannon
Canele H iconCanele
Captain Kate H iconCaptain Kate
Caspiel H iconCaspiel
Catcine H iconCatcine
Celesta H iconCelesta
Celestia H iconCelestia
Celestial Oracle G iconCelestial Oracle
Chernobog H iconChernobog
Circo H iconCirco
Circo New Year H iconCirco New Year
Cosplay Vamp G iconCosplay Vamp
Crescendo H iconCrescendo
Daedalus H iconDaedalus
Dame Almace G iconDame Almace
Dame Joyeuse G iconDame Joyeuse
Dancing Sally H iconDancing Sally
Dark Eyes Unveiled iconDark Eyes Unveiled
Decima H iconDecima
Demiurge H iconDemiurge
Diabolic Six H iconDiabolic Six
Dimension Fiancee G iconDimension Fiancee
Dimension Hacker H iconDimension Hacker
Diva Aki H iconDiva Aki
Diva Mika G iconDiva Mika
Ellery H iconEllery
Ema H iconEma
Empress Cleopatra H iconEmpress Cleopatra
Ester H iconEster
Eternal Fortuna H iconEternal Fortuna
Fairina H iconFairina
Faust H iconFaust
Fiendish Peria G iconFiendish Peria
Fiery Lu Bu The Red G iconFiery Lu Bu The Red
Flashdance Lantz G iconFlashdance Lantz
Freyja H iconFreyja
Furfur H iconFurfur
Furia H iconFuria
Furries H iconFurries
Galileo H iconGalileo
Gianna H iconGianna
Goetia H iconGoetia
Goth Oracle H iconGoth Oracle
Gozaru H iconGozaru
Halloween Hades H iconHalloween Hades
Hebe H iconHebe
Heroic Gilgamesh iconHeroic Gilgamesh
Honey Bee H iconHoney Bee
Hot Pot Master H iconHot Pot Master
Hotline H iconHotline
Inanna H iconInanna
Ishikore-Dome H iconIshikore-Dome
Ixtab H iconIxtab
Jack the Ripper H iconJack the Ripper
Jewel Girl H iconJewel Girl
Joyeuse H iconJoyeuse
Julia H iconJulia
Jupiter H iconJupiter
Kamuy Fuchi H iconKamuy Fuchi
Kelvin H iconKelvin
Kid Gloves H iconKid Gloves
Kinkan H iconKinkan
Klein H iconKlein
Kruenelle H iconKruenelle
Lady Alexia G iconLady Alexia
Lancelot H iconLancelot
Lantz H iconLantz
Lapis H iconLapis
Lapis Lazuli H iconLapis Lazuli
Laudable Klein G iconLaudable Klein
Launcher H iconLauncher
Letta H iconLetta
Little Grey H iconLittle Grey
Loki H iconLoki
Louise H iconLouise
Love Smash H iconLove Smash
Lovely Shion G iconLovely Shion
Lover Demon H iconLover Demon
Lu Bu The Red G iconLu Bu The Red
Lu Bu The Swift H iconLu Bu The Swift
Lune H iconLune
Madolche H iconMadolche
Magma H iconMagma
Manaslu H iconManaslu
Matchmaker H iconMatchmaker
Megaera H iconMegaera
Mete H iconMete
Mildred H iconMildred
Mineria H iconMineria
Minister Cairn H iconMinister Cairn
Minister Vielle H iconMinister Vielle
Mirei H iconMirei
Moira H iconMoira
Monarda H iconMonarda
Monkey H iconMonkey
Mummu H iconMummu
Newbie Witch H iconNewbie Witch
Nina H iconNina
Nuisance H iconNuisance
Nurse Cairn G iconNurse Cairn
Odin H iconOdin
Ometeotl H iconOmeteotl
Oracle Chair H iconOracle Chair
Oracle In Love H iconOracle In Love
Oriens H iconOriens
Overseer Vielle G iconOverseer Vielle
PM Demise H iconPM Demise
Page H iconPage
Pala H iconPala
Party Alchemist H iconParty Alchemist
Party Oracle H iconParty Oracle
Pasiphae H iconPasiphae
Peacock H iconPeacock
Peria H iconPeria
Phantom Ninja H iconPhantom Ninja
Phoenix H iconPhoenix
Pixie Servant H iconPixie Servant
Platinum Fairy H iconPlatinum Fairy
Please H iconPlease
Praline H iconPraline
Precious Lazuli G iconPrecious Lazuli
Precious Quoise G iconPrecious Quoise
Preening Wayland G iconPreening Wayland
President Nina G iconPresident Nina
Pretty Kisaragi G iconPretty Kisaragi
Prometheus H iconPrometheus
Ptero H iconPtero
Pure Oracle G iconPure Oracle
Ran H iconRan
Reaper H iconReaper
Red Sally G iconRed Sally
Riley H iconRiley
Rogue H iconRogue
Rogue The Savior G iconRogue The Savior
Rogue The Vengeful G iconRogue The Vengeful
Rushika H iconRushika
Sacred Seika G iconSacred Seika
Saga H iconSaga
Santa's Helper H iconSanta's Helper
Santa Oracle H iconSanta Oracle
Santiclaus H iconSanticlaus
Sarugami H iconSarugami
Saucemeister H iconSaucemeister
Scheherazade H iconScheherazade
Seere H iconSeere
Seika H iconSeika
Sleipnir H iconSleipnir
Snape H iconSnape
Stocking Master H iconStocking Master
Stone Elf H iconStone Elf
Stylish Kisaragi G iconStylish Kisaragi
Summer Alchemist H iconSummer Alchemist
Sunset Alchemist G iconSunset Alchemist
Superstar Mika H iconSuperstar Mika
Tatara H iconTatara
Teen Shion G iconTeen Shion
Tefnut H iconTefnut
The Grand Pure One H iconThe Grand Pure One
The Stupendous Robin H iconThe Stupendous Robin
Toy Box H iconToy Box
Trap Master H iconTrap Master
Tricera H iconTricera
Tristesse H iconTristesse
Turquoise H iconTurquoise
Tyr H iconTyr
Uitan H iconUitan
Umbrella H iconUmbrella
Unhappy Valentine H iconUnhappy Valentine
Valentine H iconValentine
Vamp H iconVamp
Vermillion Victoria iconVermillion Victoria
Vice Chair Demise G iconVice Chair Demise
Vigilent H iconVigilent
Virago Ptero G iconVirago Ptero
Virago Tricera G iconVirago Tricera
Wa Ran G iconWa Ran
Wadatsumi H iconWadatsumi
Waltraute H iconWaltraute
Warrior Pup H iconWarrior Pup
Wayland H iconWayland
Wicca Mildred G iconWicca Mildred
William H iconWilliam
Winged Vigilent G iconWinged Vigilent

Adele H iconAdele
Alien Id H iconAlien Id
Alien Ildanach H iconAlien Ildanach
Alsvior H iconAlsvior
Amatsukami H iconAmatsukami
Amore Charlotta G iconAmore Charlotta
Amore Kukurihime G iconAmore Kukurihime
Amore Timah G iconAmore Timah
Anchor H iconAnchor
Anemone H iconAnemone
Anisha H iconAnisha
Arethusa H iconArethusa
Ariadne H iconAriadne
Ariton H iconAriton
Arvakr H iconArvakr
Asterisk H iconAsterisk
Asura H iconAsura
Ate H iconAte
Balancer H iconBalancer
Barakiel H iconBarakiel
Bayard H iconBayard
Benzaiten H iconBenzaiten
Bewitching Lilith G iconBewitching Lilith
Blade Dragon H iconBlade Dragon
Boreas H iconBoreas
Bunny Cozily G iconBunny Cozily
Captain Ducky H iconCaptain Ducky
Chainsaw Girl H iconChainsaw Girl
Chalcedony H iconChalcedony
Chale H iconChale
Charlotta H iconCharlotta
Charon H iconCharon
Chase H iconChase
Chief Gatekeeper H iconChief Gatekeeper
Chione H iconChione
Chocolatier H iconChocolatier
Cielo Llena H iconCielo Llena
Claire H iconClaire
Cleopatra H iconCleopatra
Clockmaker H iconClockmaker
Coalminer H iconCoalminer
Colobockle H iconColobockle
Coral H iconCoral
Cornelia H iconCornelia
Couverture H iconCouverture
Cozily H iconCozily
Dainsleif H iconDainsleif
Daisy H iconDaisy
Dancing Eos G iconDancing Eos
Dark Succubus H iconDark Succubus
Dark Tome Mia G iconDark Tome Mia
Delusion H iconDelusion
Demogorgon H iconDemogorgon
Dimension Girl G iconDimension Girl
Dong Zhuo H iconDong Zhuo
Dragon Goddess H iconDragon Goddess
Draupnir H iconDraupnir
Dream Phantom H iconDream Phantom
Drink Master H iconDrink Master
Dver H iconDver
Dynamite Cheer H iconDynamite Cheer
Dynatos Theseus G iconDynatos Theseus
Eb-2 H iconEb-2
Eb-2 Custom G iconEb-2 Custom
Eden Maker H iconEden Maker
Elemental Queen H iconElemental Queen
Ethnia H iconEthnia
Fallen Angel H iconFallen Angel
Faure H iconFaure
Fenrir H iconFenrir
Fleurety H iconFleurety
Flower Murakumo G iconFlower Murakumo
Flower Potter H iconFlower Potter
Folk Singer H iconFolk Singer
Formal Sucia G iconFormal Sucia
Foxie H iconFoxie
Fu Xi H iconFu Xi
Fujisan H iconFujisan
Furious Chase G iconFurious Chase
Garden Guardian G iconGarden Guardian
Garm H iconGarm
Guardian Licorice G iconGuardian Licorice
Halley H iconHalley
Helen H iconHelen
Herb Stolas H iconHerb Stolas
Herb Wing G iconHerb Wing
Heroic Tyrano G iconHeroic Tyrano
Hijiri-No-Kami H iconHijiri-No-Kami
Hyakki Yagyo H iconHyakki Yagyo
Ice Wolf Skoll H iconIce Wolf Skoll
Icicle H iconIcicle
Iwanagahime H iconIwanagahime
Jack o' Lantern H iconJack o' Lantern
Jean H iconJean
Juliet H iconJuliet
Kaede H iconKaede
Kanaloa H iconKanaloa
Karen H iconKaren
Katrina H iconKatrina
Kericoff H iconKericoff
Knishka H iconKnishka
Krueger H iconKrueger
Kukurihime H iconKukurihime
Lady Spinel G iconLady Spinel
Landscaper H iconLandscaper
Leona H iconLeona
Licorice H iconLicorice
Lilith H iconLilith
Linus H iconLinus
Longinus H iconLonginus
Loreley H iconLoreley
Luna Llena H iconLuna Llena
Mad Scientist H iconMad Scientist
Maeve H iconMaeve
Marici H iconMarici
Master Sparky G iconMaster Sparky
Mighty Tyrano G iconMighty Tyrano
Minister Sucia H iconMinister Sucia
Mithra H iconMithra
Molly H iconMolly
Mystic Eos G iconMystic Eos
Neos H iconNeos
Netherworld Princess H iconNetherworld Princess
Nighttime Beach H iconNighttime Beach
Ninlil H iconNinlil
Oracle Ascendant H iconOracle Ascendant
Orbit H iconOrbit
Otherworld Girl H iconOtherworld Girl
Ox King H iconOx King
Paimon H iconPaimon
Parade Keeper H iconParade Keeper
Party Crasher H iconParty Crasher
Peony H iconPeony
Perchta H iconPerchta
Persona H iconPersona
Phantom X H iconPhantom X
Pixie Cup H iconPixie Cup
Playful Hades (Blue) G iconPlayful Hades (Blue)
Playful Hades (Green) G iconPlayful Hades (Green)
Playful Hades (Red) G iconPlayful Hades (Red)
Princess Black Rose H iconPrincess Black Rose
Princess Longji H iconPrincess Longji
Pup H iconPup
Qlipha H iconQlipha
Raptor H iconRaptor
Regea H iconRegea
Rex Luna Llena H iconRex Luna Llena
Rich Girl H iconRich Girl
Roche H iconRoche
Rosa Canina H iconRosa Canina
Santa Perchta H iconSanta Perchta
Sasha H iconSasha
Sedgwick H iconSedgwick
Sentinel Adele H iconSentinel Adele
Setsuna H iconSetsuna
Sfera H iconSfera
Sky Traveler H iconSky Traveler
Smithy H iconSmithy
Snow Bunny H iconSnow Bunny
Sparky (New) H iconSparky (New)
Spell Master H iconSpell Master
Spinel G iconSpinel
Suiren H iconSuiren
Summer Hades H iconSummer Hades
Summer Snow H iconSummer Snow
Sundered Spirit H iconSundered Spirit
Table Master H iconTable Master
Takemikazuchi H iconTakemikazuchi
Teleios Theseus H iconTeleios Theseus
Therese G iconTherese
Thesmophoros H iconThesmophoros
Tiberius H iconTiberius
Timah H iconTimah
Torpedo Girl H iconTorpedo Girl
Trick Chain H iconTrick Chain
True Daisy G iconTrue Daisy
True Murakumo G iconTrue Murakumo
True Peony G iconTrue Peony
True Tome Mia H iconTrue Tome Mia
Tsuchinoko H iconTsuchinoko
Tsukuyomi H iconTsukuyomi
Urania H iconUrania
Vaan H iconVaan
Valiant Bellona H iconValiant Bellona
Valiant Bellona (Bronze) G iconValiant Bellona (Bronze)
Valiant Bellona (Gold) G iconValiant Bellona (Gold)
Valiant Bellona (Silver) G iconValiant Bellona (Silver)
Villa H iconVilla
White Crane H iconWhite Crane
White Owl H iconWhite Owl
White Russian H iconWhite Russian
Wind Cave H iconWind Cave
Windup H iconWindup
Wirbel H iconWirbel
Ying Long H iconYing Long

Ababinili H iconAbabinili
Aegis H iconAegis
Agrippa H iconAgrippa
Ahes H iconAhes
Al-mi'raj H iconAl-mi'raj
Alabaster Hina G iconAlabaster Hina
Alarm Sheep H iconAlarm Sheep
Alien Hu Ji H iconAlien Hu Ji
Alien Musse H iconAlien Musse
Amakoyane H iconAmakoyane
Amakoyane New Year G iconAmakoyane New Year
Android Warrior H iconAndroid Warrior
Ann H iconAnn
Arare Princess H iconArare Princess
Argent H iconArgent
Assault Angel H iconAssault Angel
Astral Christmas G iconAstral Christmas
Astral Noir H iconAstral Noir
Azoth H iconAzoth
Bahamut H iconBahamut
Balero H iconBalero
Ballroom Hades H iconBallroom Hades
Bambi H iconBambi
Bamboo Cannon H iconBamboo Cannon
Bell H iconBell
Blazing Ababinili G iconBlazing Ababinili
Blazing Tupsimati G iconBlazing Tupsimati
Blitzen H iconBlitzen
Blue Star Treker G iconBlue Star Treker
Bomby H iconBomby
Bonfire Babe H iconBonfire Babe
Bridal Argent G iconBridal Argent
Cagliostro H iconCagliostro
Calligrapher H iconCalligrapher
Candy Champion G iconCandy Champion
Caprice H iconCaprice
Celestial Alchemist G iconCelestial Alchemist
Charlotte H iconCharlotte
Cheerful Pixie G iconCheerful Pixie
Chocolate Candy H iconChocolate Candy
Christos H iconChristos
Clay Master H iconClay Master
Clover H iconClover
Confetti H iconConfetti
Cucca H iconCucca
Cucco H iconCucco
Cute Slime G iconCute Slime
Dark Luca H iconDark Luca
Disk Jockey H iconDisk Jockey
Divine Panacea H iconDivine Panacea
Divine Poseidon G iconDivine Poseidon
Dream Pillow H iconDream Pillow
Dreamwalker H iconDreamwalker
Dress Hunter H iconDress Hunter
Drum Major H iconDrum Major
Ebisu H iconEbisu
Ecrire H iconEcrire
Empress Cynthia G iconEmpress Cynthia
Empress Slime H iconEmpress Slime
Fairy Princess H iconFairy Princess
Fastener H iconFastener
Felt H iconFelt
Flapjack H iconFlapjack
Flashy Tanuki Gal G iconFlashy Tanuki Gal
Float H iconFloat
Flower Queen H iconFlower Queen
Frostbite H iconFrostbite
Furyu H iconFuryu
Fusehime H iconFusehime
Futodama H iconFutodama
Futodama New Year G iconFutodama New Year
Fytir H iconFytir
Ghostly Schwartz H iconGhostly Schwartz
Goddess Cynthia H iconGoddess Cynthia
Gondolier H iconGondolier
Graffiti Artist H iconGraffiti Artist
Harmonia H iconHarmonia
Herb Christmas G iconHerb Christmas
Herb Noir H iconHerb Noir
Hiraga H iconHiraga
Hrungnir H iconHrungnir
Huang Long H iconHuang Long
Hvare H iconHvare
Hygieia H iconHygieia
Hyper Alchemist H iconHyper Alchemist
Hypnotist H iconHypnotist
Icarus H iconIcarus
Idun H iconIdun
Impuesto H iconImpuesto
Jeanne D'Arc H iconJeanne D'Arc
Jelly Jelly H iconJelly Jelly
Juno H iconJuno
Kabukimono H iconKabukimono
Kanon H iconKanon
Key Master H iconKey Master
Kikimora H iconKikimora
Kitty Kat H iconKitty Kat
Krazy Kitty Kat G iconKrazy Kitty Kat
Kukunochi H iconKukunochi
Lancer Alpheratz G iconLancer Alpheratz
Last Army H iconLast Army
Last Boss Zero G iconLast Boss Zero
Le Mille H iconLe Mille
Leader Musette G iconLeader Musette
Leader Zero H iconLeader Zero
Leiria H iconLeiria
Liber H iconLiber
Light Luca G iconLight Luca
Lily & Mary H iconLily & Mary
Lion Dancer H iconLion Dancer
Liscia H iconLiscia
Lonsday H iconLonsday
Lucia H iconLucia
Lugh H iconLugh
Lulu H iconLulu
Lunar Master H iconLunar Master
Lusty Fortuna G iconLusty Fortuna
Mabel H iconMabel
Machinist H iconMachinist
Maestra Mao G iconMaestra Mao
Maestra Nero G iconMaestra Nero
Mao H iconMao
Mastia H iconMastia
Mature Hina G iconMature Hina
Melodica H iconMelodica
Melon Soda H iconMelon Soda
Merry Magician H iconMerry Magician
Midas H iconMidas
Mikoterasu iconMikoterasu
Miss Lunar New Year H iconMiss Lunar New Year
Mjolnir H iconMjolnir
Mochitsuki H iconMochitsuki
Musette H iconMusette
Mushroom Phantom H iconMushroom Phantom
Myria H iconMyria
Nadeshiko H iconNadeshiko
Nero H iconNero
Niagara H iconNiagara
Pageant Alchemist H iconPageant Alchemist
Painter H iconPainter
Persephone H iconPersephone
Philippa H iconPhilippa
Pianissimo H iconPianissimo
Pietra H iconPietra
Pole Position H iconPole Position
Premium Prize H iconPremium Prize
Pure Slime H iconPure Slime
Quebec H iconQuebec
Queen Arthur H iconQueen Arthur
Queen Poseidon H iconQueen Poseidon
Radiant Pixie G iconRadiant Pixie
Rampage Princess H iconRampage Princess
Rapier Master H iconRapier Master
Rapier Princess H iconRapier Princess
Red Wolf Skoll G iconRed Wolf Skoll
Rikayu H iconRikayu
Sacred Amaterasu H iconSacred Amaterasu
Saffron H iconSaffron
Salomonis H iconSalomonis
Sanzo H iconSanzo
Secret Toshigami G iconSecret Toshigami
Sherbert H iconSherbert
Shingetsu H iconShingetsu
Shining Pixie H iconShining Pixie
Shirley H iconShirley
Shiroyagi H iconShiroyagi
Shutter Girl H iconShutter Girl
Sif H iconSif
Skoll The Hunter H iconSkoll The Hunter
Skymaid H iconSkymaid
Star Treker H iconStar Treker
Storm Hrungnir G iconStorm Hrungnir
Stunt Driver H iconStunt Driver
Summer Oracle H iconSummer Oracle
Super Iroha H iconSuper Iroha
Super Liscia G iconSuper Liscia
Sweet Fortuna H iconSweet Fortuna
Tanuki Gal H iconTanuki Gal
Tarot Spirit H iconTarot Spirit
Teaspoon H iconTeaspoon
Teros H iconTeros
Thalia H iconThalia
Thrud H iconThrud
Tide H iconTide