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Super Rare / High Super Rare / Great Super Rare
Asta icon Asta Evelyne icon Evelyne Inadama icon Inadama Surtr icon Surtr
Sylvio icon Sylvio
Ultra Rare / High Ultra Rare / Great Ultra Rare
Able Evelyne icon Able Evelyne Alyssa icon Alyssa Belly Dancer icon Belly Dancer Carbuncle icon Carbuncle
Flower Elf icon Flower Elf Germophile icon Germophile Majority icon Majority Merkur icon Merkur
Nicois icon Nicois Scorching Surtr icon Scorching Surtr Styx icon Styx Toto icon Toto
Vainglory icon Vainglory
Legendary Rare / Higher Legendary Rare / Great Legendary Rare
Biscotti icon Biscotti Sauin icon Sauin


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