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Tips and General Information

This page is for listing your ID. Share it with other players for the sending or receiving of requests for archwitch battle reinforcements.

To prevent the accumulation of inactive players, the lists will be wiped at the start of every event. You should also keep an eye on your entry in case someone removes or vandalizes it.

Name and ID lists from past events can be found here.

If you are looking for help with Legendary Archwitches, please see the Alliance Recruitment Forum.

Please comply with the following rules:
  1. Do not write your entry in the comments section.
  2. Do not create duplicates of your entries.
  3. Do not delete or modify other people's entries.
  4. Do not change the page formatting.
  5. Do not write extremely long comments.
  6. Do not request personal information.
  • Keep your entry clean and tidy. It offers a better impression to others.
  • Describe your purpose or play style as clearly as possible.
  • State the hours during which you are active.
  • Be honest. Kindness goes a long way.

To add a new row, click in left margin of the Row > Insert Row Above/Below

AddRow example

"The Day The Music Almost Died" Comrade Lists

This page is best viewed on the desktop version of the site.

Archwitch Senders [edit]
Name ID Timezone Comment
☆Yuki☆AWK ai8jv UTC +8 Normal Free Player only have 7BP but needs help with FAWK so will send help.Very active.
DeV_H ad4r2 GMT-4 Casual player, sending FAWs, more active after 10pm.
Sckalia 51vh6 GMT+7 Casual player, sending FAWs
Archwitch Killers [edit]
Name ID Timezone Comment
IChan ★ 변백현 b1a4y UTC +8 Willing to kill your FAW/AW at the speed of light. Always notified. :)
Kullervo 5yn7p UTC -6 Will kill FAW and any AW sent
Spheal 2rf0i GMT+10

Have plenty of BP to use and not enough vitality. Will kill all FAW sent to me

Chuya[*status* aul97 GMT -5 Ranking for t500/300. Wil kill any faws with at least 1 m hp left. Thank you
InnuvielWoH 98lk7 GMT+2 Killing everything received if online. Usually T500
Tien07 9w2r9 UTC -8 Will kill FAWs, however I have school so I may miss several.
Baal*FAWK 8nfh0 GMT +3 I want kill FAWs,but also will kill anything you send if I'm online and have unused bp.
S4RS aw3hs GMT -8 Primarily FAWK. Will kill AW if I have extra bp.
光る 8e47p UTC -6 Decided not to rank in this event. I'll kill whatever you send me regardless of hp. 
Rainbow aokv6 UTC -5 Will kill AWs and FAWs
: ). / Hisa axg5s GMT +2 Too lazy to rank this event, but unused BP seem too lonely so I decided to help you with FAWs, rarely AWs (if got any spare points). Online most of the time. Needs a VERY active sender (would appreciate at least 5FAWS/day).
Illy FAWK 984wd GMT -5 kill aw & FAW 19-04-2017
Yuuki Kaoru as6us GMT+7 Kills AWs and FAWs, can use more than 1 BP if necessary and if i have a spare points. Active in everytime (when i'm not really busy)
[FAWK]♪2B bdlra UTC -8 FAWK Focused
シャナ FAWK a8o0w CET FAWK, if i am not responding maybe i am sleeping/or being busy
Archwitch Traders [edit]
Name ID Timezone Comment
[S1].Mir 67hlh Gmt - 3

Trader looking for real traders and not fawks. thx

NUWA bnbu6 EST Primarily a sender, but I have enough people to kill now and would like to be be able to tap some FAWs too.
Xlol 541of GMT- +10 Will trade, will kill will send as well. Looking to set up long term traders for future events. (Currently not ranking so I will be primarily sending) 

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Common Player Statuses

Many players change their in game name to notify comrades of their availability for trading AW and FAW. Here are some examples of common ones:

Common Player Statuses
Status Description
FAWT Fantasy Archwitch Trader. They will kill for you and usually send back to you.
FAWK Fantasy Archwitch Killer. They will kill for you, but probably not send back.
AWK Archwitch Killer. They are willing to kill AW Sends for you.
OFF, ZZZ, SLP, AFK Offline, or otherwise not available to kill for you right away.
BSY or BUSY They are busy, don't send to them.
BRB They had to step away from the game and will not kill sends immediately.
0BP They have 0 battle points left to kill or send.
0VIT They have no vitality left to send, but are willing to kill.
ON They are online. Very vague and not very informative.
DNS Do Not Send. If someone with this status is sending to you, don't send back.
SND or SNDR They are sending only. They will almost certainly ignore anything you send to them.
RUSH They need points fast. Send them everything you find (Although they will prefer FAW over AW)
SLOW or BDR8 or BADR8 AW to FAW spawn rate is low so they may not send back as many as you send to them.

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