Tips and General Information

This page is for listing your ID. Share it with other players for the sending or receiving of requests for archwitch battle reinforcements.

To prevent the accumulation of inactive players, the lists will be wiped at the start of every event. You should also keep an eye on your entry in case someone removes or vandalizes it.

Name and ID lists from past events can be found here.

If you are looking for help with Legendary Archwitches, please see the Alliance Recruitment Forum.

Please comply with the following rules:
  1. Do not write your entry in the comments section.
  2. Do not create duplicates of your entries.
  3. Do not delete or modify other people's entries.
  4. Do not change the page formatting.
  5. Do not write extremely long comments.
  6. Do not request personal information.
  • Keep your entry clean and tidy. It offers a better impression to others.
  • Describe your purpose or play style as clearly as possible.
  • State the hours during which you are active.
  • Be honest. Kindness goes a long way.

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"The Perfect Temptation" Comrade Lists

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Archwitch Senders [edit]
Name ID Timezone Comment
Bhosx 6h1td UTC -7

Too lazy to kill my own FAW :D

Active after noon.

Archwitch Killers [edit]
Name ID Timezone Comment
Aziral~Status b1169 GMT+1 Ranking t100. Only killing when Status is "FAWK".
sandnaaa 1batn Anytime 500 FAWK only
Lantua b1qtw Anytime Kill any FAWS, see status before sending
NT☆Yato☆Status a21xh GMT+1 I will kill AW and FAW if my status says "ON". Don't send when it says "OFF" or "ZZZ". 
Lumi- 8eqnv GMT+8 Looking to help players so I'll kill AW and FAW alike, but will try to ignore ones that get taken care of by others.


bkcq4 GMT+2 Kill FAW and sometimes AW.
Red 683y7 GMT-8 300 FAWK looking for active comrades
Mia「♪」 3di2c GMT-4

FAWK trying to rank T300! Active very often, quick kills

Arc[on]Arc 6t76c Pst Killing all Faws
Sundapple bkkcf GMT-6 Killing all FAWs, active in afternoon and evening in my timezone, please be active
Lazy b2on4 OTC-8 Killing FAWs when status is "ON" 
elle☆(status) 97i0t GMT +8 Looking to help to kill AW/FAWs when status is FAWK. Online at random times.
Archwitch Traders [edit]
Name ID Timezone Comment
Red 683y7 GMT-8 Active throughout the day. Looking for active comrades
Mia「♪」 3di2c GMT-4 Trying to rank T300! Active very often, quick sends and kills
♪ Haruna ♪ 73oon GMT-7 Just your average trader here, sending mostly, needing killers.

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Common Player Statuses

Many players change their in game name to notify comrades of their availability for trading AW and FAW. Here are some examples of common ones:

Common Player Statuses
Status Description
FAWT Fantasy Archwitch Trader. They will kill for you and usually send back to you.
FAWK Fantasy Archwitch Killer. They will kill for you, but probably not send back.
AWK Archwitch Killer. They are willing to kill AW Sends for you.
OFF, ZZZ, SLP, AFK Offline, or otherwise not available to kill for you right away.
BSY or BUSY They are busy, don't send to them.
BRB They had to step away from the game and will not kill sends immediately.
0BP They have 0 battle points left to kill or send.
0VIT They have no vitality left to send, but are willing to kill.
ON They are online. Very vague and not very informative.
DNS Do Not Send. If someone with this status is sending to you, don't send back.
SND or SNDR They are sending only. They will almost certainly ignore anything you send to them.
RUSH They need points fast. Send them everything you find (Although they will prefer FAW over AW)
SLOW or BDR8 or BADR8 AW to FAW spawn rate is low so they may not send back as many as you send to them.

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