This kindly official from Chang'an is worried about Xuanzong's illness.


[Limited SR] Reward


0✰ Cost: 32
0✰ Attack: 3300 / 5280
0✰ Defense: 3300 / 5280
0✰ Soldiers : 3100 / 6200

1★ Cost: 38
1★ Attack: 3630 / 7392
1★ Defense: 3630 / 7392
1★ Soldiers : 3410 / 8680


Peace Monument
Min Level Effect:
Deal 250% Cool icon DMG to all enemies / 15% chance
Max Level Effect:
Deal 350% Cool icon DMG to all enemies / 20% chance


Empress Xuanzong is ill.
I trust you've been well?
Welcome to Chang'an, lord of
a distant land. I will guide you.
Battle Start:
Chang'an is not a battlefield!
Battle End:
I've failed... My Empress...
Friendship Max:
Harmony between the diabolic
and the divine brings us peace.
Friendship Event:
I see... So diabolic power has
reached your Kingdom?
I must witness this for myself.
Will you be my guide?
Likeability Rate 0:
I am known as Consort Wu. Thank
you for aiding me, but I have a
favor to ask. Please help me train!
Likeability Rate 1:
I'll never be able to fulfill important
duties if I collapse like last time.
I must become much stronger!
Likeability Rate 2:
Your magic power is impressive,
but I have the power of the gods,
too! And I intend to use it!
Likeability Rate 3:
Y-You really are formidable. So,
this is the power of the Celestial
Realm... With your help, surely...
Likeability Rate 4:
That was fine training! Thank you.
I should prove much more useful.
Now, let us go see Zhong Kui!

Card Icons


Consort Wu H
Consort Wu (HSR)
Amalg cross Consort Wu H
Consort Wu (HSR)
Amalg equal Zhong Kui
Zhong Kui (UR)

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