Event SummaryEdit

4 archwitches will appear in Campaign! The goal of this event is to finally create limited SR "Star Goddess Gaia" through evolution and amalgamation of the N cards they drop.

Event "Evolved Goddess Gaia" - Start!

A new event has started - Evolved Goddess Gaia! During this event, four witches will appear in campaign. Use evolution and amalgamation with the N Cards they drop, and try to create the limited SR "Gaia". The N Cards you'll need for materials, "Sky Spirit" "Ocean Spirit" and "Earth Spirit", are often dropped by Level 1 witches! Even beginners can fully enjoy this battle with witches!

  • Only one of these R cards, R Daphne, is dropped by the witches.
  • To make the other three, R Dione, R Calypso, and R Rhea, evolve the material N cards N "Sky Spirit", N "Ocean Spirit", and N "Earth Spirit". Once you have evolved the Sky Spirit, Ocean Spirit, and Earth Spirit four times to HN, you'll be able to do a special evolution synthesis with another N of the same kind, and the corresponding R card will be born. The N cards you'll need as materials are often dropped by Level 1 witches. Start synthesizing them!
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