This neurotic mirror- making deity made the sacred mirror. She dislikes being watched.


[Fantasy Archwitch] Reward
Witch Gate


0✰ Cost: 66
0✰ Attack: 6630 / 10610 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 11995 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Defense: 6500 / 10400 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 11761 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Soldiers : 6570 / 11170 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 12829 (Perfect Amalgamation)

1★ Cost: 79
1★ Attack: 7293 / 15353 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / ? (Mixed Evolution) / 15769 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Defense: 7150 / 15060 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / ? (Mixed Evolution) / 15468 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Soldiers : 7227 / 16637 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / ? (Mixed Evolution) / 17135 (Perfect Amalgamation)

G★ Cost: 87
G★ Attack: 10210 / 20361 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 20569 (Mixed Evolution) / 20747 (Perfect Amalgamation)
G★ Defense: 10010 / 19966 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 20170 (Mixed Evolution) / 20344 (Perfect Amalgamation)
G★ Soldiers : 9395 / 20753 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 21002 (Mixed Evolution) / 21251 (Perfect Amalgamation)


Sacred Mirror
Min Level Effect:
Deal 150% Passion icon DMG to all enemies / Unable to move 4 turns / 10% chance
Max Level Effect:
Deal 200% Passion icon DMG to all enemies / Unable to move 4 turns / 15% chance
☆Sacred Mirror
Min Level Effect:
Deal 200% Passion icon DMG to all enemies / Unable to move 4 turns / 15% chance
Max Level Effect:
Deal 250% Passion icon DMG to all enemies / Unable to move 4 turns / 20% chance


Mirrors reflect the soul. Does
yours reflect pure and clear?
I-I'm Ishikore-Dome. Oh, and
I-I'm a mirror maker.
Battle Start:
My mirror reflects your soul.
Battle End:
It's bad luck to break a mirror!
Friendship Max:
Y-you can look into my mirror,
but please look at me, too.
Friendship Event:
I'm a little neurotic, so I like
to make my mirrors alone.
But I want you here. I want
you to mirror me in your eyes.
Likeability Rate 0:
Wh-what? ...My mirrors? Oh,
um...p-please don't look at me
while I'm working!
Likeability Rate 1:
Mirrors reflect people's souls.
Upstanding souls are clear,
while twisted souls are cloudy.
Likeability Rate 2:
P-please don't watch me make
mirrors. My soul is reflected
therein. It's embarrassing!
Likeability Rate 3:
How will your soul be reflected?
I bet it will be amazingly pure
and clear.
Likeability Rate 4:
I make my mirrors alone, so they
can be the finest they can be.
But I want you to watch me.

Awakening Information

Chance: 20%

0x Passion Crystal Passion (Crystal)
2x Passion Orb Passion (Orb)
10x Passion Stone (L) Passion (L)
15x Passion Stone (M) Passion (M)
20x Passion Stone (S) Passion (S)

Card Icons


Izanami H
Izanami (HSR)
Amalg cross Tama-No-Oya H
Tama-No-Oya (HSR)
Amalg equal Ishikore-Dome
Ishikore-Dome (UR)

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