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Passion icon

Passion cards are characterized by a light red background and a fire symbol.

They deal bonus damage when attacking Cool cards, while taking extra damage when attacked by Cool cards.

If your team consists of 3 or more Passion element cards, you receive the Red Passion I bonus, increasing attack by 5%.

If your team consists of 5 Passion element cards, you receive the Red Passion II bonus, increasing attack by 10%.


Passion icon N/HN Passion icon
Adventurer icon Adventurer Antares icon Antares Anomalocaris icon Anomalocaris Archer icon Archer
Barbarian icon Barbarian Beastmaster icon Beastmaster Beastmaster (Old) icon Beastmaster (Old) Body Guard icon Body Guard
Bugbear icon Bugbear Centaur icon Centaur Crab icon Crab Dancer icon Dancer
Dancer (Old) icon Dancer (Old) Dragon Knight icon Dragon Knight Dragon Knight (Old) icon Dragon Knight (Old) Duckling Look-a-Like icon Duckling Look-a-Like
Dwarf icon Dwarf Elementalist icon Elementalist Flower Girl icon Flower Girl Fisherwoman icon Fisherwoman
Gnome icon Gnome Gnome (Old) icon Gnome (Old) Guide Master icon Guide Master Harpy icon Harpy
Harpy (Old) icon Harpy (Old) Harvest Girl icon Harvest Girl Heavy Armor icon Heavy Armor Highlander icon Highlander
Hunter icon Hunter Hunter (Old) icon Hunter (Old) Kunoichi icon Kunoichi Lancer icon Lancer
Life Saver icon Life Saver Lilliput icon Lilliput Little Witch icon Little Witch Mechanic icon Mechanic
Mechanic (Old) icon Mechanic (Old) Messenger icon Messenger Miko icon Miko Miner icon Miner
Minotaur icon Minotaur Muryan icon Muryan Naginata Master icon Naginata Master Panda Girl icon Panda Girl
Pastry Chef icon Pastry Chef Popcorn icon Popcorn Puca icon Puca Rambler Rose icon Rambler Rose
Scholar icon Scholar Scout icon Scout Sea icon Sea Serket icon Serket
Shepherd icon Shepherd Snake Charmer icon Snake Charmer Storyteller icon Storyteller Suiko icon Suiko
Summoner icon Summoner Taoist icon Taoist Teacher icon Teacher Thief icon Thief
Treasure Hunter icon Treasure Hunter Viking icon Viking Vorpal Bunny icon Vorpal Bunny Warrior icon Warrior
Witch icon Witch Witch's Apprentice icon Witch's Apprentice Wizard icon Wizard Wood Cutter icon Wood Cutter
Wrestler icon Wrestler
Passion icon R/HR Passion icon
Alchemist icon Alchemist Andromeda icon Andromeda Angel of Love icon Angel of Love Artist icon Artist
Athlete icon Athlete Bird-of-Paradise icon Bird-of-Paradise Black Cat icon Black Cat Blacksmith icon Blacksmith
Brownie icon Brownie Bullet Girl icon Bullet Girl Cait Sith icon Cait Sith Calypso icon Calypso
Candy Apple icon Candy Apple Canopus icon Canopus Casino Waitress icon Casino Waitress Chocolat icon Chocolat
Cosmos icon Cosmos Delivery Girl icon Delivery Girl Delphinus icon Delphinus Demon Twins icon Demon Twins
Devil Hunter icon Devil Hunter Dice icon Dice Doppelganger icon Doppelganger Dragon Master icon Dragon Master
Dragonewt (Old) icon Dragonewt (Old) Dragonewt icon Dragonewt Esper icon Esper Farmer (Old) icon Farmer (Old)
Farmer icon Farmer Fungus icon Fungus Furry icon Furry Gate Keeper icon Gate Keeper
Gladiator icon Gladiator Grappler icon Grappler Grenadier icon Grenadier Gunner icon Gunner
Halfelf icon Halfelf High Pixie icon High Pixie Hinnagami icon Hinnagami Ichikishimahime icon Ichikishimahime
Illusionist icon Illusionist Jiang Shi icon Jiang Shi Kogarashi icon Kogarashi Kraken icon Kraken
Kung-Fu Master (Old) icon Kung-Fu Master (Old) Kung-Fu Master icon Kung-Fu Master Lady Tiger icon Lady Tiger Ladybird icon Ladybird
Leananshee icon Leananshee Leo icon Leo Little Turkey icon Little Turkey Maestro icon Maestro
Maid icon Maid Martial Artist (Old) icon Martial Artist (Old) Martial Artist icon Martial Artist Masquerade icon Masquerade
Medusa icon Medusa Melanippe icon Melanippe Mermaid icon Mermaid Millionaire icon Millionaire
Nekomata icon Nekomata Ninjya Dealer icon Ninjya Dealer Party Popper icon Party Popper Penguin Girl icon Penguin Girl
Penny-Wise icon Penny-Wise Peter Pan icon Peter Pan Phantom Thief icon Phantom Thief Pinocchio icon Pinocchio
Police icon Police Pub Girl icon Pub Girl Pyromancer icon Pyromancer Pyrotechnist icon Pyrotechnist
Queen of Fire icon Queen of Fire Ratatoskr icon Ratatoskr Rose Knight icon Rose Knight Rotte icon Rotte
Roulette icon Roulette Runner icon Runner Salamander icon Salamander Sculptor icon Sculptor
Selene icon Selene Shisa icon Shisa Snowboarder icon Snowboarder Soma icon Soma
Somersault Girl icon Somersault Girl Sparkles icon Sparkles Sunflower icon Sunflower Sword Master icon Sword Master
Tanegashima icon Tanegashima Tengu icon Tengu Thunderbird icon Thunderbird Tiamat icon Tiamat
Toyotamahime icon Toyotamahime Urthr icon Urthr Watermelon icon Watermelon
Passion icon SR/HSR Passion icon
Accordion icon Accordion Alice icon Alice Alp icon Alp Amaterasu icon Amaterasu
Aries icon Aries Birthday icon Birthday Bloody Mary icon Bloody Mary Brim icon Brim
Cacao icon Cacao Cerberus icon Cerberus Circe icon Circe Cu Chulainn icon Cu Chulainn
Cu Sith icon Cu Sith Cupid icon Cupid Cybele icon Cybele Destroyer icon Destroyer
Eir icon Eir Empusa icon Empusa Ensemble icon Ensemble Firecracker icon Firecracker
Fortuna icon Fortuna Hestia icon Hestia Hiderigami icon Hiderigami Ifrit icon Ifrit
Israfil icon Israfil Journalist icon Journalist Lofn icon Lofn Maidryl icon Maidryl
Master Alchemist icon Master Alchemist Matador icon Matador Omikoshi icon Omikoshi Omoikane icon Omoikane
Orchestra icon Orchestra Otanukisama icon Otanukisama Pheme icon Pheme Princess icon Princess
Psyche icon Psyche Pyromaniac icon Pyromaniac Queen of Amazons icon Queen of Amazons Ragnarok icon Ragnarok
Rain Doll icon Rain Doll Reindeer Girl icon Reindeer Girl Scathach icon Scathach Scylla icon Scylla
Shogi Master icon Shogi Master Sophie icon Sophie Soul Eater icon Soul Eater Thetis icon Thetis
Tomoe Gozen icon Tomoe Gozen Vesta icon Vesta Volcanus icon Volcanus Yosakoi icon Yosakoi
Zenobia icon Zenobia
Passion-Shiny UR/HUR Passion-Shiny
Aoide icon Aoide Baton Twirler icon Baton Twirler Belisama icon Belisama Crescendo icon Crescendo
Furries icon Furries Honey Bee icon Honey Bee Inanna icon Inanna Jewel Girl icon Jewel Girl
Loki icon Loki Magma icon Magma Nuisance icon Nuisance Ometeotl icon Ometeotl
Pala icon Pala Phoenix icon Phoenix Scheherazade icon Scheherazade Tatara icon Tatara
Toy Box icon Toy Box Trap Master icon Trap Master Wadatsumi icon Wadatsumi

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