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Queen of Fire

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High Rare Queen of Fire
Passion icon
Queen of fire

Listen to your queen! This is no time to respond coldly.

Unit Cost 41
Base / Max Attack 3630 / 7701
Base / Max Defense 3210 / 6809
Base / Max Soldiers 3390 / 8460
Skill Flame Edge
Skill Info Deal 200% Passion icon DMG to all enemies / 10% chance
Max Level Skill Info Deal 300% Passion icon DMG to all enemies / 15% chance
Number of Procs Infinite
Availability Queen of ice icon Evolution Accident

Card Description

A queen whose kingdom smolders in a volcano's core. Clad in a flame; another face of the Queen of Ice.


Login : You have come!
Let us burn this place to ash!
Obtain : Ahahaha I was so hot that I changed into this!
Battle Start : I'll burn you away!
Defeat : Burnt out...

Maximum Affection Quotes

Ahahaha We should use this
unbridled flame together, my

-- Character Quote
There may be an absolute zero, but there's no limit to hot something
can be!
That is why I have no rival! I'll lend you my power!

-- Maximum friendship event

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