In this event, the 12 DARK-type Valkyrie you have defeated will await you in each area of campaign, aiming to get their revenge!

  • During the event, there is a slight chance for the Dark Valkyrie you defeat to drop their own card.
  • If you defeat the 12 Dark Valkyrie in the specific order, you will receive another THANATOS card (it is possible to complete the list multiple times).
  • Plus, by fusing the SR ANGRA MAINYU that you can obtain by defeating archwitches with THANATOS, you can create a dark version of your Valkyrie Guardian (Oracle)!

Dark ValkyriesEdit

  1. Senri
  2. Cyclops
  3. Cockroach
  4. Arachne
  5. Devil Summoner
  6. Flatwoods
  7. Rapunzel
  8. Dark Wizard
  9. Little Devil
  10. Samael
  11. Dark Mystic
  12. Angra Mainyu
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