This amnesic ghost is a remnant of the lonely maiden who lived in the mansion.


[Fantasy Archwitch] Reward


0✰ Cost: 62
0✰ Attack: 6150 / 9840 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 11004 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Defense: 6150 / 9840 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 10995 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Soldiers : 6150 / 10460 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 11826 (Perfect Amalgamation)

1★ Cost: 74
1★ Attack: 6765 / 14276 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 14450 (Mixed Evolution) / 14624 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Defense: 6765 / 14276 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 14449 (Mixed Evolution) / 14622 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Soldiers : 6765 / 15644 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 15848 (Mixed Evolution) / 16052 (Perfect Amalgamation)

G★ Cost: 81
G★ Attack: 9471 / 18956 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 19130 (Mixed Evolution) / 19304 (Perfect Amalgamation)
G★ Defense: 9471 / 18956 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 19129 (Mixed Evolution) / 19302 (Perfect Amalgamation)
G★ Soldiers : 8795 / 19546 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 19750 (Mixed Evolution) / 19954 (Perfect Amalgamation)


Mansion Wail
Min Level Effect:
All Cool icon allies' ATK • DEF 250% up / 15% chance
Max Level Effect:
All Cool icon allies' ATK • DEF 250% up / 20% chance
☆Mansion Wail
Min Level Effect:
All Cool icon allies' ATK • DEF 300% up / 15% chance
Max Level Effect:
All Cool icon allies' ATK • DEF 300% up / 20% chance


It's so lonely...without a soul.
I think I will take...yours.
Who am...I? Where's my...
soul? I feel so...empty.
Battle Start:
Give me...your soul.
Battle End:
I'll never have a soul again.
Friendship Max:
I'd be a new person...if I had
a soul. I wouldn't be...lonely.
Friendship Event:
Your soul... It isn't...mine.
There is no point taking it.
But I must fill the void within
me. Find me...a new soul.
Likeability Rate 0:
I'm so lonely... You must
fill this void within me...with
your soul. Give me...your soul.
Likeability Rate 1:
Why must I lonely? Why
must I Why must
it be...only me?
Likeability Rate 2:
Would I no longer be sad and
lonely...if I had a soul? Why
don't I have...a soul?
Likeability Rate 3:
I've stolen many souls...but I still
can't fill the void within me.
Why? Can you tell me...why?
Likeability Rate 4:
If only I had a soul...I could recall
what it was like when I yet lived. must find my soul.

Awakening Information

Chance: 20%

0x Cool Crystal Cool (Crystal)
2x Cool Orb Cool (Orb)
10x Cool Stone (L) Cool (L)
15x Cool Stone (M) Cool (M)
20x Cool Stone (S) Cool (S)

Card Icons


Veronica H
Veronica (HSR)
Amalg cross Keymaker H
Keymaker (HSR)
Amalg equal Sundered Spirit
Sundered Spirit (UR)

Sundered Spirit H
Sundered Spirit (GUR)
Amalg cross Angelic Dress H
Angelic Dress (HX)
Amalg equal Therese H
Therese (GUR)

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