This cheerful warrior is formidable but afraid of the dark and has no sense of direction.


[Limited SR] Reward


0✰ Cost: 32
0✰ Attack: 3300 / 5280
0✰ Defense: 3300 / 5280
0✰ Soldiers : 3100 / 6200

1★ Cost: 38
1★ Attack: 3630 / 7392
1★ Defense: 3630 / 7392
1★ Soldiers : 3410 / 8680


Labyrinth Kit
Min Level Effect:
All enemies can't move for 3 turn(s) / 10% chance
Max Level Effect:
All enemies can't move for 3 turn(s) / 15% chance


I'm not lost! I'm a warrior! And
I'm not afraid of the dark!
I thought I was alone in here.
Do you know the way out?
Battle Start:
You're lost, too?!
Battle End:
There's nowhere to run...
Friendship Max:
Right at this bend. Um, right is,
uh... Oh, yeah, my sword hand.
Friendship Event:
Huh? I already came this way?!
I'm back where I started?!
Well, I'll never stop defending
you or the princess!
Likeability Rate 0:
Yikes! I-I didn't expect to see
anyone else in here! Wait, you
must be a monster! Prepare to die!
Likeability Rate 1:
S-So you're not a monster? In that
case, you should join-- Look out!
Something's attacking your feet!
Likeability Rate 2:
Oh, it's just a mouse, so let's
move forward and-- Yikes! The
enemy's attacking from behind!
Likeability Rate 3:
It's one of your maidens. Now let's
really move-- Oh, the torch went
out! I can't see! We're under attack!
Likeability Rate 4:
Phew... We survived somehow.
...Ah! You're bleeding all over! Wait...
Don't tell me I did that?! ...Sorry!

Card Icons


Theseus H
Theseus (HSR)
Amalg cross Theseus H
Theseus (HSR)
Amalg equal Teleios Theseus
Teleios Theseus (UR)

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