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  • 座敷童子

    So I found myself in possesion of cards that can be awoken in these past two events first being my first HUR card ever Dainslief 1 drop from likeability had to rank to get the 2nd as Gungnir only dropped once. My second HUR being the current faw Card Captor Sakura..err i mean Drum Major! [Lol] Unlike Dainslief and my UR Redeye Drum was perfect amalgamated my results were somewhat satisfactory since i did succeed in at least 1 GUR. Now I'm saving up some stones for attempt #2 on Drum major.

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  • 座敷童子

    First AUB For Me!

    March 7, 2015 by 座敷童子

    just thought id share some of

    my first AUB experiences was pretty rough since i was alone alot but i still

    Had fun I couldn't win all rounds but i did my best and i was happy with my results.

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  • 座敷童子

    Awakening Selection DX

    February 25, 2015 by 座敷童子

    So i got free jewels for updating valkyrie crusade a little while ago. Thought it was pretty cool so i decided to use them for an awakening summon thinking id just get another R like i get from all my other summons. I was really happy with the results for once since it only took one try and i got an UR for the first time ever without having to pay out of my ownn pocket. I sas woondering how everyone else was doing with their summon results in the first try.

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