• 769016

    Registration Has ended

    Contestants are 

    CN Yatohime: DP:Miss Lunar New Year

    RU Chao(Status): DP:Polaris

    DF Hydro(Status): DP: Micheal

    GW Sonata(Status) DP:Peacock

    iOhWow@(status) DP:Archer

    SP illuminati DP:Crimsom Gemstone 

    RA Monshiro DP:Polar Night Good luck and remember to not change ur DP during the event failure to do so is a instant disqualification

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  • 769016

    To spice up next event

    September 16, 2014 by 769016

    Hello I am In game is AceDeRisque or Risque when adding my alliance name formerly in Twilight Zone at the moment i am in Spade Pirates my id 77h82

    To spice things up in the next event i will be giving a 10$ Dollar Google card for those who rank the highest , So that people will not be dishearten that the usual TOp 100 rankers will be the one who wins , only those who registered will for this game , so those who rank but didnt registered will not be counted for this event.

    To register simply post a comment about your acc name , ID and maybe alliance if your name is common and display picture ,once you post you must NOT CHANGE your DP at all until event is over failure to do this is instant disqualification.

    However there will be a few things t…

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