Hello I am In game is AceDeRisque or Risque when adding my alliance name formerly in Twilight Zone at the moment i am in Spade Pirates my id 77h82

To spice things up in the next event i will be giving a 10$ Dollar Google card for those who rank the highest , So that people will not be dishearten that the usual TOp 100 rankers will be the one who wins , only those who registered will for this game , so those who rank but didnt registered will not be counted for this event.

To register simply post a comment about your acc name , ID and maybe alliance if your name is common and display picture ,once you post you must NOT CHANGE your DP at all until event is over failure to do this is instant disqualification.

However there will be a few things that i will need for those who join.

1.Needs a US google account,(Clerk says that i need one if i was gonna be able to use the card), for those who doesnt have one and is over seas its possible to make one just look it up in google on how.

2.A way to be able to contact you in a messenger in some sort like Face Book messenger and etc 

3.If non of the participants is in the top 100 , Post a picture of your acc with the Rankings your in i will wait 2 days to see who is the highest so i can decide who is the winner

4.Dont change your name to much/big , let say your name is John , you can change it to something like (ally name)John, John Box , John AW/FAW but try not to change it like from John to Elizabeth so i dont get confuse.

Its up to you if want to join , if you dont think this game/contest is real just dont join, i woudnt want this post to be deleted just because some people think this is a scam after typing this long ^.^

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