aka Argento

  • I live in Ireland
  • My occupation is Student of Llamacorn University
  • I am A Llamacorn
  • ArgentoConiglio90

    I'm Argento and this is my blog on my Valkyrie Crusade profile!:)

    My account on Valkyrie Crusade is Argento and my User ID is 8rgd7, I'm on level 102 and I have lots of space for more comrades!:D

    My Alliance is Fantasma and I am the leader, of whitch I'm proud of.:) My goal in my lil alliance is to help new players get all cozy! :)

    I help my comrades when I have the BP (Battle Points) and I try to kill the FAW/AW for them. I can't kill LAWs (Legendary Archwitch) yet, but I hope I can soon!(Even though they're a pain in the butt!):) 

    I joined Valkyrie Crusade on December 26 of 2014, and a while after I joined, I quit for a while but still had my SNS link attached!:)

    I hope I do well in the future and get some of you guys as friends!

    - AG

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