aka AutDawn (秋曦)

  • I live in Hole of a Pine tree in Celestial Realm
  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is Practical AW hunter
  • I am Oh boy :3
  • AutDawn

    Hi to everyone & thanks for reading my 1st blog lol :3

    I'm not sure it's right or not to share this ,so feel free to delete this blog if anything inappropriate / fail to follow wiki rules...

    I believe many VC players had notice the new offer > DL award for using gamedash at Menu > Present > Special Code. & I think most of player know how to get it already especially for those did visit valkyrie crusade fansite at Facebook recently, but I'll share the tricks/method anyway in case some of you didn't know about this....

    For android 

    I) Change your device's timezone to Tokyo, Japan timezone (UTC + 9)

    II) Download this app > gamedash and install it

    III) Download …

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