Hi to everyone & thanks for reading my 1st blog lol :3

I'm not sure it's right or not to share this ,so feel free to delete this blog if anything inappropriate / fail to follow wiki rules...

I believe many VC players had notice the new offer > DL award for using gamedash at Menu > Present > Special Code. & I think most of player know how to get it already especially for those did visit valkyrie crusade fansite at Facebook recently, but I'll share the tricks/method anyway in case some of you didn't know about this....

For android 

I) Change your device's timezone to Tokyo, Japan timezone (UTC + 9)

II) Download this app > gamedash and install it

III) Download this app > psiphon from google playstore (just search in google play ~) & install it

IV) Open the psiphon, go to the tab "option" and change the country to "Japan" and check the selection "Tunnel whole device (required xxxxx....)" (sometime it'll straight away ask u when first time open the app) and run it :3

V) Go to gamedash website: and find VC in gamelist, click on it and follow it until there's two button in there: one is google play & another one button in blue color, click the blue one.

VI) The gamedash you download previously should open itself by now ,wait for it to load. After finished loading there should be a blue button again, just click it & a unique code should appear.... 

VII) Copy that code and type in VC to claim ticket lol ... Done!

So at the end you need all of these:

  • An android phone!!!
  • Gamedash apps from mediafire
  • Psiphon apps from google play and run in background (Country remember it's JAPAN!!)
  • Change your timezone to Tokyo~


"User having iOS devices can register GameDash directly at and earn a redeem code from it.

No VPN or complicated steps required."

Thanks > Kokychi :3

For BS: not sure so please see the comments below for info and discussion :P

If have any problem just post in here & discuss about it ^^

All credit should go to > Yahya Ahmed @ Valkyrie Crusade Fansite~

Thanks for reading this ~☆~ ....I know my english sux so don't complain about it okay? (>.<)

Optional: Post what SR you get from ticket !!

Mine is Mai Waifu ~

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