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    New version is out, and Mynet has shown the will to make the usability of the game better (not too successfully on the kingdom screen though, in my opinion), as well as to add a few things like the new buildings and the still so mysterious ABB. So here's a list of things that I'd like to see in the future.

    Archwitch Notifications + Settings

    We have a different notification for LAW than for AW and FAW - why don't they make it the same for FAW? Many of us only care for FAW and LAW sends, not so much for AWs. Or maybe even display the name of the F/AW that was sent (in case of multiple AWs such as Melty and Lolli, where you might have wanted one of them). Also it would be great if we could turn them on and off individually.

    Reducing boring tasks…

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