• BadBitch

    Why do we even need guaranteed SR ticket in the age of excessive HUR (or GUR)?

    Think about it...WHO needs SR?

    Can't get the answer? Rankers!

    Why is that? Simply, for every SR you pulled from summons, the highest chance was to get the event SR with damage bonus and subdue point bonus. can ranke easier than the others (less swords and time maybe?)!

    If you were a free player, you should save up the SR tickets and now you can rank easier with the point bouns! You can spend less as cash player and buy some more (or less?) swords!

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  • BadBitch

    I wanted to list all these for a long time and now it is the time. As a ranker (well....not a REAL ranker if you only considered those people who used to rank in top 10 or stuff every single event as one....), what we (or I) consider the following to be the most important:

    1. Open all boxes at once
    2. Let us to view (at least) top 1000 present instead of top 100
    3. Allow us to use medal to buy +500 Atk/Def Arcana, alternatively, let us to use more than 1 arcana at once
    4. Burn all Keys at once
    5. Increase the limit of Keys from 999 to at least 9999
    6. Increase the limit of Medals from 99999 to a LOT more
    7. Increase the limit of shoe/sword/rod/arcana to more than 99 (maybe 999?)
    8. Let us to buy 99 (or more) arcana at once
    9. Let us to sell/dump 99 (or more) arcana at once
    10. Le…
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  • BadBitch

    A lot of players do NOT rank even if they had a very good some HSR team buffers and critters. Why is that?

    It is simple, the post-FAW ranking is quite twisted and leaning toward the grinder side. If you couldn't spend like at least 8 hours a day sitting in front of your cell phone or whatever device, it is a waste of time for someone even to THINK ABOUT RANKING. Well, the time zone thing is another issue why most of the rankers (myself included) have to go online for so long. Well, certainly, if you decided to rank higher (like top 100). You will need a lot of traders/senders which I'm not going to cover how to get them. But the thing is, you cannot just QUIT for an event. They NEED YOU and your power or FAW. If you were not the…

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  • BadBitch

    It is not an advise on how you should play the game. If you're looking for one from me. I would suggest you to look for other articles.

    It is a random thought of me about VC. I'm an old player (not old enough to get Gaia and MA tho) and I'm a free player.

    I am not motiviated to go to the TCG or wikia or FB to read everything but I know there are quite some players are whinnning about how difficult to rank in VC unless they spend. In fact, VC was made to be free to everyone.

    Before UR, most players choose to rank for fun or more SRs. You can obtain SR for free and stuff. Good cards (well, at the time I joined, Uriel, Lilim and even Parvati) are difficult to get but as long as you send SR AWs to alliance or comrades, they will somehow get rid o…

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