A lot of players do NOT rank even if they had a very good some HSR team buffers and critters. Why is that?

It is simple, the post-FAW ranking is quite twisted and leaning toward the grinder side. If you couldn't spend like at least 8 hours a day sitting in front of your cell phone or whatever device, it is a waste of time for someone even to THINK ABOUT RANKING. Well, the time zone thing is another issue why most of the rankers (myself included) have to go online for so long. Well, certainly, if you decided to rank higher (like top 100). You will need a lot of traders/senders which I'm not going to cover how to get them. But the thing is, you cannot just QUIT for an event. They NEED YOU and your power or FAW. If you were not there for an event, they will send their FAW to someone else and you will have to find other senders or traders. You have to be active just to keep your senders/traders (unless you're awesome!) for the event (or reward) you wanted to rank.

So, the H/UR are the food for the hardcore grinders (who knows how to grind and play VC). If you chose to play the game casually like playing 2-3 hours a day (or a week). Probably you can enjoy the game and SR drops and ignore the rank rewards. In fact, the game is still fun (well...) even if you can't get ranking UR. In fact, the best cards are rarely rank reward but only obtainable from box summon or special summons. You can still obtain a lot of (even more) awesome cards by paying! It is a matter of choice at the end of the day right?

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