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    This was originally a reply to Chad Pattan's Mynet wishlist blogpost, but as I wrote more and more, I wanted to see what other players thought about my proposals and I thought writing a blogpost of my own would hopefully reach out more people, here is a (slightly edited) reply: 

    With Mynet taking over VC, we are undoubtedly going to see some changes - some noticeable, others, may be not so obvious. With that said, I believe VC needs more than just simple changes. There are certain archaic mechanics that needs to be changed or discarded in the game - this post is dedicated to sharing that list. Do note that this is from a perspective from a veteran, end-game player As always, please be civil and constructive with the comments!

    Core mechanics

    1. C…
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    So, as some of you in the community may have noticed, Nubee has raised the price on jewels. Here are the numbers:

    Amount of Jewels/Before Price Change -> After Price Change (in Canadian Dollar)

    • 100 Jewels/$1.20 -> $1.49 (24% increase)
    • 300 Jewels/$3.31 -> $3.49 (5% increase)
    • 600 Jewels/$5.80 -> $6.99 (20% increase)
    • 1000 Jewels/$10.79 -> $11.99 (11% increase)
    • 2100 Jewels/$21.59 -> $22.99 (6% increase)
    • 3200 Jewels $32.40 -> $34.99 (8% increase)
    • 5300 Jewels $51.51 -> $54.99 (7% increase)
    • 10000 Jewels $87.28 -> $94.99 (9% increase)

    The average increase in price of Jewel is approximately 11%. While it's a substantial increase, the raise in price is not the primary concern with this issue; it's the lack of notification from Nubee.

    Unlike other well-known CC…

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    Warning: The following post is long. Like walls-of-text long. And there's no tl;dr (D:)

    So as of late, I've been looking at the cards that have been available in the game and the powerful awakenable cards to determine what my "Dream Alignment Team" (FAWK team) would look like. This resulted in going over some GSRs and most GURs in the pool, and in process, I have realized that the balance amongst the four alignments was slightly skewed. Here are my findings/opinions/rankings regarding them; please note that, as my thought processes were derived from a "Dream Team", I have only looked at the most powerful (awakenable), non-overlapping cards:


    Burning everything in its path, the hellfire of four alignments does not allow rival contenders…

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