So, as some of you in the community may have noticed, Nubee has raised the price on jewels. Here are the numbers:

Amount of Jewels/Before Price Change -> After Price Change (in Canadian Dollar)

  • 100 Jewels/$1.20 -> $1.49 (24% increase)
  • 300 Jewels/$3.31 -> $3.49 (5% increase)
  • 600 Jewels/$5.80 -> $6.99 (20% increase)
  • 1000 Jewels/$10.79 -> $11.99 (11% increase)
  • 2100 Jewels/$21.59 -> $22.99 (6% increase)
  • 3200 Jewels $32.40 -> $34.99 (8% increase)
  • 5300 Jewels $51.51 -> $54.99 (7% increase)
  • 10000 Jewels $87.28 -> $94.99 (9% increase)

The average increase in price of Jewel is approximately 11%. While it's a substantial increase, the raise in price is not the primary concern with this issue; it's the lack of notification from Nubee.

Unlike other well-known CCGs of its time (AGG, DMT, etc...) VC does not have an active mode of communication between it and its playerbase aside from its shoddy "customer service", which is tended by automatons that spew out pre-written, generic messages with relevant keywords sprinkled in here and there. There has always been certain distance between Nubee and its playerbase, and this price increase in Jewels is the direct consequences of that.  

However, like I mentioned beforehand, the increase in price is not the primary concern. We need to look past the exterior and understand the subliminal messages that Nubee is saying, which is: "We can do whatever the fuck we want with the game, and there is nothing we owe to the players". The implication behind this message is deeply concerning, as Nubee can choose to flip mechanics upside down whenever they want, however they want. Actually, the fluctuating rate of AW acquiral rate suggests that Nubee is already tampering with the mechanics, but as that is conjecture with limited data it is not possible to capitalize on it.

This issue does not just concern paying players. It affects free players just as much, as they are the bedrocks of this game - drastic change in game mechanics would actually affect free players more, as paying players can mitigate the change with cash. This issue should ring alarm bells in everyone's mind and we, as a playerbase, deserves to hear why Nubee implemented this change without any notification whatsoever. Nubee will not fix their stance on how they run VC if one or two people sends mails, so I would like to ask everyone to spend couple of minutes sending an email demanding Nubee to explain this issue officially, via News in the game.

Even though this is merely a smartphone game, I believe that mutual trust between the company and players is paramount to success. If Nubee's business model is based around lying to and screwing with the playerbase, they should certainly not have anyone's money or time.

P.S. Nubee's email is, if anyone was unaware.

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