To start off as I mentioned in my profile, I lead an alliance of some very nifty members I had to admit. The first time I had set up an alliance here in VC was one of the acts which makes me nervous. I know that it's probably easier if I had just joined someone's else alliances, but, I decided to make one of my own since I want to know how it feels to lead an alliance.

However, the alliance wasn't called Twilight*Zone the first time I set up an alliance. In fact, the first time I made an alliance didn't last that long, since I was still new and didn't know what I was doing at that time. Eventually, I disbanded the alliance, however, noticing that a friend of mine was in this game as well, I decided to create whole new alliance, called Twilight*Zone.

At the first, I didn't know there's an alliance recruitment page in the wiki here that I would actually recruit people by random via comrades or random people from random available selections in the alliance. Fortunately, from the random selection, I was able to get some really good members and some members which had left the allliance. We all come from different countries, so Twilight*Zone can be considered as an International Alliance/

And to my amazement, this alliance has survived for more than half a year now and the alliance was filled up to the brim. Participating in Alliance Battles and Alliance Duels as well as having actual members which are active.

For an easier form of communication, I made a personal FB group for us to gather around for that easier form of communication as the notice board gets crowded up easily now that we have a full alliance.

I'm actually proud about the alliance and through VC, I was able to make some new friends, who would have thought? I often would communicate with the members at FB and get to know them more.

My hopes is that I won't be quitting to play anytime soon so that I can still continue to manage the alliance. If possible, I also would want this alliance to prosper and be well-known later on. It's been half-a-year and I'm sure the alliance had already taken a couple of steps towards becoming a popular alliance. The members all have good morales and ethics and even if there's a few loose strings, we always find a way to make up for it.

Thank you to those who had read this, this is just my first time writing a blog so there may be some format errors. But, thanks once again and I'll be sure to update later with another fresh blog if there's anything I can share with you guys.

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