Just made this today. I think a lots before she created.
Bernkastel HSR
Though she not strong but I want you to know more about her skill.

Her skill is "Miracles" and it can remove single enemy (more like an instant death but deal no damage). Nubee have something like "instant death skills" before. But when I used it, it just a normal attack with more damage than before - absolutely not an death immediately. And then "instant death skill" have been removed and change by "critical hit".

This card seems like a lot to Hecate :)

Since it's is like an instant death, I decided it can't be too regular. So I make it 1% chance :)

If you use her skill when subdue Archwitch then the AW will be removed. No chest for you :(

And here is her status:

Bernkastel status

Though the chance to get her use the skill is pretty low but it is not impossible:

Screen shot

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