Hiya, from the lastest data, we have new card called Slime Queen.

Focus/ Special type cards are using for fusion only, they don't have any bonus combo nor any increase stats. And as you all know, we can maximum our UR card with Metal Slime, so why do we need this card? I can only think Nubee will add new rarity to this game, which we can't maximum easily :(

One more thing, it's seems Nubee just increase chance to get 2 SR from AW chests (many players got them and it's not a bug). It make SR become more regular.

Lol, they just added UR from Oct 2013. And in Oct 2014, there is a chance they add new rarity -_- What the heck, then what about SR and UR  cards I've collected so far -_-

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