High Ultra Rare Midir
Dark icon

War only brings grief

Unit Cost 69
Base / Max Attack 17014
Base / Max Defense 16445
Base / Max Soldiers 16969
Skill Super Moon
Skill Info Deal 300% Cool icon DMG to all enemies / 15% chance
Max Level Skill Info Deal 400% Cool icon DMG to all enemies / 20% chance
Number of Procs unlimited
Availability Bible Ragnarok

Card Description

Irish goddess, she stood neutral position between the good side and bad side, tended to think of herself more as a politician than a God


Login : Stay neutral, no one will attack you.
Obtain : I'm Midir. It's nice to meet you.
Battle Start : I won't attack.
Defeat : You attacked me?

Maximum Affection Quotes

For someone I love, I can fight too.
-- Character Quote
I have kept a neutral position
for a long time.
But for my master's sake
I will fight any enemies.

-- Maximum friendship event

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