Yah, this event is annoying -_-

Increase rate for AW? Tsk, William event need this, Nubee -_- In this event, AW is nothing but medal material -_-

And FAW have 2 forms HSR (lol). To get perfect 2nd form, we must lv max all materials (7SR and 3 HSR --> 13 Slime - OMG, we used all our for William). And for what, for the skill we may never use -_- Indeed, that skill nulify enemy Attack so it may nulify FAW AoE. But with 2 servants for each FAW, which can proc unlimit AoE skill, this skill seems useless -_-

Oh, and not forget we will have Alliance Duel (again -_- ) in this month too. Since they add 1SR (1*) and 3 UR. I don't know if it's AD reward or not. Oh, and we will have buff x2 AD points too. It's mean they can add more rewards for AD (go zombies, go, go, go!)

The only card I seems to care in this event is Sky Navigator (bb & megane). But too bad, I can't have her in this event T-T

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