So project "VC RPG" has started to be carried out.

Initially, the team consists of 4 members. Only after 1 month, the number of members has increased to 15!

This project is making a RPG game with characters taken from the VC.

So the question is what characters will be added to the game? Initially the idea up, we just took the 3 savants (Oracle, Alchemist and High Pixie) and players (lord). Now, with a large number of members, we decided to add another extra character :)

Contents: game based on campaign map of VC. Unlike VC, we will add the male characters in the game XD

Plot: Church prophesied that the new lord is going to bring peace to the region, connecting people together. You will work with Oracle - who represents the church in this journey. The journey search for world peace begins :D

Game play: this is an RPG, you will level up each character, fight monsters, and do the task ... especially indispensable in RPG that's endings.

Screenshots will come out later :D

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