Super Rare Wakasagihime
Cool icon
No Image

The water is so fresh.

Unit Cost 43
Base / Max Attack 3000 / 6000
Base / Max Defense 3200 / 6000
Base / Max Soldiers 4500 / 7500
Skill Fresh water
Skill Info [AUTOSKILL]Cool icon Unit ATK +25%
Max Level Skill Info [AUTOSKILL]Cool icon Unit ATK +35%
Number of Procs passive
Availability Touhou

Card Description

A mermaid who can only lives in fresh water.


Login : The water is so fresh, drink it.
Obtain : I'm Wakasagihime.
Leviathan is my great-grandchild.
Battle Start : I'm mermaid.
Defeat : I need fresh water.

Maximum Affection Quotes

Come with me, master.
-- Character Quote
You are so pure
I know it from the start
I think I can leave the water
As long as you by my side

-- Maximum friendship event


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