• Chad Pattan

    Greetings all.  I'm a shade early from my promised quarterly, but enough has changed to make it worth the early update. I think.

    Let's see where we're at.  I have sorted things around.

    This wasn't done, but they did improve it and addressed a concern I had.  First, Fever Time is now exclusive to you, not (ab)usable by the team.  Your Fever does not benefit anyone else but you.  Why's this good?  Because it encourages participation and competition within the Alliance as well.  If you take up the Bingo spaces that give stars, you're going to stand out as MVP and thus get bonus rings.  You also now get a bonus for being the best defender, which is a complaint I had.  Now there's disincentive to just throw a garbage defender team out there.

    This …

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  • Chad Pattan

    Merry Christmas, all.

    I like this idea of quarterly updates.  There don't seem to be enough positive changes to do otherwise.  

    I turned my Alliance over to my next powerful member and left.  The Vice had long since abandoned the game - this was a guy who logged in more than I did and participated in every ABB - and I was down to 6 active members, of which half were skipping events.  It was extremely difficult to recruit people.  It wasn't fair to them for me to hold Leader when I simply don't have the energy for it anymore.  Really heartbreaking in a way.

    With the changes it's clear that MyNet is trying to now encourage event participation in lieu of random drops by making the event cards Abyssal Archwitch boost cards, and trying to encourag…

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  • Chad Pattan

    Too far, MyNet. Too far.

    September 21, 2016 by Chad Pattan

    Yet another long sprint since the last posting.  I think I've devolved from a casual player into someone who just keeps the Alliance running.

    We've had quite a few events now that seem to be moving in the wrong direction.

    • No longer can you get cards from random drops.
    • No longer are there any new R cards being created.
    • There is a significant increase in RNG throughout the game.
    • Cards have been released that are basically game breaking.

    Back when MyNet took over, I put together a wishlist of items I wanted from them that I felt Nubee was blatantly deficient in.  They have answered some of my wishes.  Here's that list again to see where we're at.

    Not done.

    Not done

    Not done.

    This one's a headache.  There's "strategy" but it's embedded in basically nerfi…

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  • Chad Pattan

    It's been a long time.  I have long since converted from a person who would actively try to rank to a casual player.

    I completely skipped The Tyrant and half-assed most of the other events - get the FAW and LAW and otherwise not even bother.  But even Schwartz I didn't spend a lot of time on because the art didn't do it for me.

    The Stolas Sisters event is the first in a long time that I have put in a decent amount of effort. The last event I put anywher near this level of work in for was Cyberwars, because I wanted (and got only one of) Lapis.

    The Alliance Bingo Battle was actually fun.  No longer can you just attack the weakest group and rack up major points with your buddies during Fever Time.  Now you have to actually attack all of the ene…

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  • Chad Pattan

    I would send this to them, but they don't seem to have a US contact location yet.  Unless I'm missing it.  Either way...

    Yesterday marked my 2-year anniversary on this game. In that time I've accumulated so many URs/HURs/GURs it's crazy. Went through 4 alliances and now am leader of one.  The game has changed so much from then to now it doesn't feel the same.  The "story" aspect is totally forgotten in favor of a situation where Nubee just wanted people playing the game and spending money.  Missing the point.

    Used to be we'd get a celebration of user count milestones: 4 million, 5 million, 6 million, but then...nothing.  Surely the growth continued?  But to my recollection we didn't get any celebrations in 2015.  That's not a good sign when …

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