• Chaotix37

    Chao's Ranking for Dummies

    November 15, 2014 by Chaotix37

    Good Day VC Players, Chaotix Here. Well I guess this is my 1st time to ever write a blog in this wiki. So please bear with me. 

    Now first things first, a new event has started. As you may know that top 500 has a UR. Now who wanted a free UR right? 

    Of course, everyone else does. DO you want to take risk for casual ranking, like a chances are from slim to 0 for you to get a UR? I think not.

    1. Do you NEED the Ranking Reward Card?

    2. Do you have the time playing for the Ranking Reward?

    3. Do you have sufficient amount of Swords, Shoes and Lights (Swords and Shoes)?

    4. Do you have a STABLE Fawk Unit (Fantasy Archwitch Killing Unit)? [ 3 Buffers, 1 Aoe, 1 Crit is recommended, Unlimited Proc is much better] 

    5. Do you have an active comrades, traders, and…

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