Good Day VC Players, Chaotix Here. Well I guess this is my 1st time to ever write a blog in this wiki. So please bear with me. 

Now first things first, a new event has started. As you may know that top 500 has a UR. Now who wanted a free UR right? 

Of course, everyone else does. DO you want to take risk for casual ranking, like a chances are from slim to 0 for you to get a UR? I think not.

But before you do rank for at least top 500 for the UR, Here are the following questions to guide you.

1. Do you NEED the Ranking Reward Card?

2. Do you have the time playing for the Ranking Reward?

3. Do you have sufficient amount of Swords, Shoes and Lights (Swords and Shoes)?

4. Do you have a STABLE Fawk Unit (Fantasy Archwitch Killing Unit)? [ 3 Buffers, 1 Aoe, 1 Crit is recommended, Unlimited Proc is much better] 

5. Do you have an active comrades, traders, and Alliance?

6. Is your portable device/s ready, along with a stable net connection? 

Well if "YES" are the answer to all of these questions, then you are ready for ranking.

Note: Ranking Rewards, difficulty may vary. This may Depend on the element and skill of the RR.

For trading effectively refering to this one. Credits to my friend Scythe.

But in this case, Here are some tips in Ranking.

Every event has its 3 to 4 phases in ranking, no matter how long the event is. Here are the phases in ranking. 

1st Phase: Initial Rush

Every 1st 2 days of the event, gather as much points as possible.  if you are flooded, poke em, You can take a break sometimes. Then start hunting again. I suggest to finish the map first, while you are hunting faws, IF you have at least 200 vit. ALways hunt at 1-1 and/or 1-2, depending which area has the least vitality (-2 vit).  FAw nowadays cost 1 BP so you need an oversupply of swords.

Screenshot 2014-09-03-07-32-42

So much blitz.

  In some cases, the FAWs are at the last area it'll cost you a huge amount of vit. 

So SUFFICIENT amount of shoes is a must for the entire event. 

2nd Phase: Maintenance

Once you saw your rank on the first reset. You may check on the Event page on how much you will earn per day. 

Say for example for rank 500, the player earns 5.5 M. so divide it by 2. you have to maintain at least 2.8m  a day 

Note: Always check the event page every day for the latest trends in rankings.

For top 500: Usually an average of 3m, 3.5m for assurance. Assurance mode meaning, you earn these points to compensate, incase you are busy with your school, work, or any life related situations, or sometimes... BORED. Sometimes, assurance mode can increase your rankings as much. depends on which rank you are in.

For top 300: An average of 4.5m to 5m for assurance. 

For top 100: At least 7m or more. 

3rd Phase: Slacking Phase

This phase is only applicable if you are sure enough to get for HUR especially if you are in the top 100 after MId Rewards Distribution. Usually the mid reward distribution, is a the given day on the mid reward plus 1 day. 

Most of the players at this point, have to open the boxes during this phase.  

They are now in Sender mode, they have to make points but only a few for maintaining a sure spot for the HUR.  

4th Phase: Final Rush

This is applicable if you are around in ranks 280-320 and 480- 520 especially in the last 2 days of the event.At this point you have to earn as much as your maintenance phase, just to get out of the danger zone.

Take note that before 12 pm JST at the end of the event is a very crucial time to earn points, so earn as much as you can. 

The Result: 

YOu can check for the FInal Standings the 2nd day of the event, just to see whether you made it for the top 300 or 500, and you might not regret for getting the RR that you need. 

Well That's all I can think of for ranking. Thank you for reading this blog. Happy hunting and ranking.

RU Chaotix?

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