• Cheesaw

    Skill type catagories

    August 23, 2013 by Cheesaw

    I think it would be awesome if someone could create skill "type" catagories so we could tag all the cards. For example...

    Healer (single)

    Healer (team)

    Attack Buff (single)

    Attack Buff (Team)

    Defense Buff (single)

    Defense Buff (team)

    Enemy Attack Debuff

    Enemy Defense Debuff

    Blaster (single target)

    Blaster (team hit)

    Turn Skipper

    Critical Hit

    Auto Attack +

    Auto Defense +

    Auto XP +

    Don't know if I missed some.  Probably.  I looked for a place to input these, but couldn't find it.  Probably have to be an Admin to do it.  I'd be happy to tag all of the cards (the tedious work) but need someone to give me that capability to do so.

    Also, how about a single-proc, multi-proc catagory?  Lord know it seems like the most common question under each description.  It wo…

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