This event was indeed a big push-over, not to mention that it also seems like it's never going to end. I am so glad that the event only has 5 days remaining and I can't wait to see what they'll bring for the next event. I am kind of new to the whole level 500 Fantasy Archwitch thing and I'm happy that Ice Wolf Fenrir does not infinitely buff herself and her servants. Summer Alchemist was actually easier (just my opinion). As usual the LAW was kind of unfair to us all at many times, that I am sure off. So far I managed to get one Summer Snow and to be honest I don't think I deserve it at all but I did obtain it from my own encounter so I guess I could be happy. I noticed that a lot of people were ranking really easily and it also seemed that not much people really wanted to rank really high, perhaps due to being busy or not wanting to achieve at least the rank of 301-500. In this event I actually pulled off a new rank of 769 and I think it makes me look like I actually spend money on this game, but the truth is that I don't. I just happened to know a lot of easy ways to get more points without playing so much FAWs or LAWs.

I was really hoping to obtain 2 copies of the William card but sad to say, I have not even gotten one after so many times playing Witch Gate and I think I won't even bother beating around the bush to get her. I'd like to thank all my comrades for helping me get so many Ice Wolf Skoll cards and other great SR cards that I may have gotten on drop. I hope everyone at least enjoyed this event just a tiny bit even if anyone got constant loses. I also really hope they bring an awesome card for the new event. At least one that will help those of us who struggle excessively for some unfair reason. Once again I do hope that whoever reads this blog has a nice day and play responsibly hehehe. Peace out and goodbye :3

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