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  • Choocolatiah

    Maxing GLR stats

    August 21, 2017 by Choocolatiah

    So... for those who wants to max their GLRs... First, a bit of an ado...

    It is now common knowledge that 150.000 is the max stat of GLRs. But what is probably not well known is that, GLR defy common rules when it comes to computing their possible max stats. As it can be seen in this comment. You can also use this thread as a basis.

    And while I was maxing my GLR True Wolf Fenrir's stats, I found out that GLRs have almost a set stat gain per level. (Only few levels differ, but most has the same stat gain.)

    While this process of maxing your GLR's stats maybe a bit tedious, it is at least a bit cheaper than wild guessing how much ATK/DEF arcanas to be added. Wild guessing may result in you spending more rare medals than necessary, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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  • Choocolatiah

    This is just an overview. For details, see the Help topic & the FAQ.

    • It is a new wiki content that replaced Forum, so whether we like it or not, VC wiki will be getting it. We just got it earlier.
    • If you have a link to a previously followed forum topic, it should redirect to the migrated post in Discussion.
    • You have to click Follow at the bottom of the post to follow it again.
    • Migrated contents can only be edited by admins, even if it is your own post.
    • You can edit your own new posts within a certain set of time. After that, only mods and admins can edit it.
    • No more anon posting, requires users to log in to post or reply.
    • You can view all post by a user.
    • You can call someone's attention to that certain discssion by using @
    • All links should be posted …
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  • Choocolatiah

    God Scheherazade looks weird ><

    A 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon is now available for a limited time!

    The previously released LR cards [WISE ORACLE], [LAZY ALCHEMIST], and [DEEP SUCCUBUS] will be reissued in the 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon!

    In addition, this summon will also feature the new LR card 「GOD SCHEHERAZADE」!

    This is a 10-card summon, and the LR appearance rate will increase by 2% after each summon until a LR card is obtained!!

    ※The appearance rate will reset if a LR card is obtained.

    For the 4th Anniversary LR All-Star★Summon, instead of 3000, the first summon will be only 600!

    Plus! LR All-Star★Summon Tickets obtained as 4th Anniversary special login bonuses can also be used to perform this summon!

    ■Newly Added Card


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  • Choocolatiah

    Don't expect it...

    Sorry to disappoint but MyNet probably forgot about it. I, for myself, am only disappointed with it cause I was expecting to get Alchemist's prettiest version ever released so far. (My blog, my opinion :P) Well, unless she's gonna be the returning card but with no anniversary event this year, it's not guaranteed. *cries*

    Next event is titled The Rarest of Stones and it will run from 2017 March 14-27. It will feature the Archwitch Great DMG cards Mineria, Stone Elf and Dr. Mole. And based from the list of unreleased cards, the event cards are probably Mercurius, Adele, Sentinel Adele, Hermes..

    And oh, before I forgot, next event will feature the . Ugh. On a side note, the events (Summer Ends With a Bang! and Halloween Confession…

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  • Choocolatiah

    Recipe Skills

    February 22, 2017 by Choocolatiah
    Please refer to Custom Skills. This blog post will no longer be updated. TY!

    Custom skills can be equipped on "LR" and "HLR" cards to make them even more powerful! They will activate as a battle progresses and the turn counter reaches 0. The creation of custom skills requires Celestial Water, Skill Recipes, and Skill Cores.

    All of the custom skills that can be created are attacking skills. There are 56 total recipe skills that can be created but they can be grouped in 6, depending on the Skill Core material needed to create them.

    A skill that deals DMG to all enemies at the end of the required number of turns.

    Recipe Name Max Level Effect
    All Enemies DMG Recipe (★1) Deal 1000% DMG to all enemies
    All Enemies DMG Recipe (★2) Deal 1500% DMG to all …

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