Just some random thoughts while bored at work and likewise bored from current event:

Gone were the days where I speculate what will be the skill/element/art of the next LAW, only to be crushed by mynet once they release final card data. (I'm looking at you Santiclaus, I hoped you'd be a dark "not random" unleasher XD). I prefer a LAW that will drop (even if it's all RNG), a LAW that is not the ranking reward in 4 events. I want a new LAW, not an old LAW that I can get through Legendary summon tickets. Maybe I'll change my opinion on this once mynet change the lineup of Legendary summon to much better cards, like current lineup minus Jeanne D'Arc (I only like your reverse evolution!) and Sacred Amaterasu (I don't hate her, but her AoE skill is more available than unleash so...) plus Letta plus Summer Snow.  I'd love Oracle Chair  to be at the line up but it's maybe too much to ask since she was rereleased through Platinum Maiden Ticket exchange.

I want an AAW that is not the LAW in the next 2 events. Why not add another card on top of the LR card as rewards? +_+ (Okay, I admit, I just want another card like Ymir :3 ). I don't hate Sleepy Hades, I like her art. Her skill is okay (maybe useful in due time, especially when 3rd skill is made available and if that 3rd skill turned out to make her better than how she is now, but not now). I just feel  like she could have been given a better skill, not some leftover skill or not some skill that resulted from eeny-meeny-miny-moe picking. 

The generic Relena's boring challenge every end of month. I understand why it's given (to get that Hammer card for AAW), why it's format is different from the format of the first two event of the month (because AAW again), but the returning cards, I mean the UR limited amalgamation card is always a Cool AoE card. They're done with Regea, Neos, and now Dainsleif. Perhaps, it is Sparky next time (great for those who didn't get her but have her hairpin) or Leona again. Or perhaps another element with AoE skill. I dunno, just give us returning cards with another skill aside from AoE.

ABB: the source of passive defense buff cards. Need I say more? It got change a wee bit at last ABB by making the passive defense buff available to t500. But really? Out of the 9 ABBs, 4 gave a passive defense skill and 2 active defense.

The game is getting predictable, and for all the things that I hate, predictability comes second. 

And oh, before I forgot, the current Goddess Worship cards are turning 2 y/o. 

Toodles~ Thanks for reading my *written* thoughts. XD

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