This is just an overview. For details, see the Help topic & the FAQ.

  • It is a new wiki content that replaced Forum, so whether we like it or not, VC wiki will be getting it. We just got it earlier.
  • If you have a link to a previously followed forum topic, it should redirect to the migrated post in Discussion.
  • You have to click Follow at the bottom of the post to follow it again.
  • Migrated contents can only be edited by admins, even if it is your own post.
  • You can edit your own new posts within a certain set of time. After that, only mods and admins can edit it.
  • No more anon posting, requires users to log in to post or reply.
  • You can view all post by a user.
  • You can call someone's attention to that certain discssion by using @<insert username here>
  • All links should be posted in full URL, even with internal wiki links (yep, no more [[ and ]])
  • No formatting (yet) or even HTML markups, all posts will appear as plain text.

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