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  • Choocolatiah

    Recipe Skills

    February 22, 2017 by Choocolatiah
    Please refer to Custom Skills. This blog post will no longer be updated. TY!

    Custom skills can be equipped on "LR" and "HLR" cards to make them even more powerful! They will activate as a battle progresses and the turn counter reaches 0. The creation of custom skills requires Celestial Water, Skill Recipes, and Skill Cores.

    All of the custom skills that can be created are attacking skills. There are 56 total recipe skills that can be created but they can be grouped in 6, depending on the Skill Core material needed to create them.

    A skill that deals DMG to all enemies at the end of the required number of turns.

    Recipe Name Max Level Effect
    All Enemies DMG Recipe (★1) Deal 1000% DMG to all enemies
    All Enemies DMG Recipe (★2) Deal 1500% DMG to all …

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  • Choocolatiah


    January 24, 2017 by Choocolatiah

    Just some random thoughts while bored at work and likewise bored from current event:

    Gone were the days where I speculate what will be the skill/element/art of the next LAW, only to be crushed by mynet once they release final card data. (I'm looking at you Santiclaus, I hoped you'd be a dark "not random" unleasher XD). I prefer a LAW that will drop (even if it's all RNG), a LAW that is not the ranking reward in 4 events. I want a new LAW, not an old LAW that I can get through Legendary summon tickets. Maybe I'll change my opinion on this once mynet change the lineup of Legendary summon to much better cards, like current lineup minus Jeanne D'Arc (I only like your reverse evolution!) and Sacred Amaterasu (I don't hate her, but her AoE skill …

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  • Choocolatiah

    That 135/105...

    September 16, 2016 by Choocolatiah

    I was browsing the in-game Help menu when I came upon the Awekening topic. I ignored it at first view but something bugged me and just to satiate my curiosity, I checked the topic again. And true enough, there was something unusual with the topic. That 135/105. Having a total number of cards much greater than card limit, I wonder how they did that. I can only think of 2 explanations. One is unacceptable (hacking). The other is just justifying the reason - 'cause they're the developers'. Ehh, putting it like that makes it unacceptable either... =_= I don't know, maybe just because I don't want to see  something that is impossible to happen in the normal and legal sense. And to put it in the Help section where everyone can see that 'irregula…

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