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    December 23, 2014 by ChromeZephyr95

    So, said and done. My last blog in here.

    I uninstalled VC this afternoon. I felt freedom for once in 18 months :P

    So now, with the game broken and balanced towards cash, I have no place in there anymore. I'm not going to stress myself over inexistant drops at Witch Gates with stupidly high vitality requirements, broken ranks with 4 months of sword restocks for a single reward (this goes to you 4 or 5 parrots on this wiki who spam with comments about this, the sword drops are close to nonexistant and the mid-rank swords are a laughter, unless you can consistently get x15 dmg/50% bonus cards, in which case, either you cash, or you have unlimited reserves of USTs), and the many other things that Nubee slapped into the game to ruin it completely…

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  • ChromeZephyr95

    Hello once again community, Shura from Rosaria back on the blog saddle (I actually find this really cool :P)

    My first blog, where I discussed five points that Nubee screwed up on VC had broad acceptance, and I received intresting feedback. So I decided to give it another shot.

    I would like to pitch in one recommendation I have thought about lately based on an idea already presented by someone else (excuse my lack of originality):

    A union of Alliance Leaders and Vice Leaders to address Nubee on the issues that flaw VC.

    This idea had been pitched before in the Alliance Recruitment Drive, but no one seemed to really impulse it. I think we should. We can't allow Nubee to just keep stomping on us.

    I am no Leader or Vice Leader myself. Remember, the …

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  • ChromeZephyr95

    Salutes to the community, Shura from Rosaria here, writing my first (and possibly last) blog.

    I've noticed many people are already touching this points, and I consider myself no expert at this, but I'd like to give my opinions on the way VC is being handled now.

    1. The Witch Gate: Sure, it's a nice thing to have if you want to get old AWs (I gunned especially hard to get Metatron, as I still had a full HN and R team back then), but my excitement dropped when I found out: a. The vitality it takes to hunt in it, and b. The horrible appearance rate of the old AWs themselves.

    As I'd expected, you woudn't get a guaranteed drop from them, but at least a higher pop-up rate, the chances now seem oblivious (to free players at least) to ever get one of tho…

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